Am I the only one? [Machinedrum love]


love the MD. it was my first elektron too.
an MDuw mk3 with their modern software interface I would sell a kidney for. :drooling_face:


I thought of trying to do some quick instagram vids (especially now that I have a good audio interface for my phone) but they really weren’t that interesting visually. The sounds are kindof cool and I might upload some of the jams. The ultimate plan is to see if these individual layers play well together. But I’ve been enjoying listening to them separately on my phone.

But video wise: it’s about as exciting as a still picture of a Machinedrum and another instrument. Which is still kindof sexy.


How do you proceed ?
I use CTR 8P, assign MID machines parameters to it, modulate them with random lfos.

MD, one bar, midi loopback, Mid machines with Rdm notes playing other machines.

Sure. Easier with much more possibilities. So I think I’ll use OT to sequence MD most of the time.


This is excellent!
Regarding your “RDM Test” tune, could you be more specific about what you mean by “midi loopback”?
And the machines played by theses midi machines are internal MD machines or external synths/drum machines?


MD only. 1 bar with machines played randomly by MID machines, with midi loopback (midi cable between midi IN and OUT)

T1,2,3=kicks, T4 MID controlling them
T5,6,7=snares, T8 MID controlling them
T9,10,11=HH/Cym, T12 MID controlling them
T13 RAM R1, T14 RAM P1, pitch +36 (1 oct)
T15 CTR 8, setting MID machines notes with 3 lfos
T16 CTR AL, rdm lfos on Syn 2 (decay), filters


Oh my, this is deep use of the MD. I’m not there yet :slight_smile:
I will dig into this!


this is a great idea, thanks for sharing.
created my own rushed bastard version last night.
shitty whatsapp capture:

looking forward to exploring more


Just wanted to chime in here real quick to say that I got a Machinedrum (non-UW) in a trade against a Digitakt yesterday, and I think the reason I didn’t like it the first time I had it (5 years ago) was I probably didn’t understand synthesis all that well. Having learned a lot over the past few years, I see so much more potential in this thing now, nevermind hear a lot more potential in it now. The FM machines particularly are really cool. Can’t wait to dig even deeper. :slight_smile:


Hei! I use the same technique but everytime the random lfos hit a particuar note (E3) the playback pause because that note is associate with the play button. How do you avoid that?


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Check Global > Map Editor


OH now I see. Thanks!


can you describe more accurately how you set you CTL 8P track ?
maybe a screen picture ?
thanks !
looks very interesting .


Salut @dekalboy !
Keeping your Japanese MD?

I used a known workaround to apply an lfo on notes, as it doesn’t work as it should.
I used my midi tracks lfos to modulate the CTL 8P parameters set to their respective midi machines notes. Lfos with depth between 2 and 6, Hold mode I guess.
From my tired memory.
More details if needed. :wink:


yes i have kept my japanese ( 110 v running ) MD .
i would have been so crazy to sell it ! but sometimes the wallet is hungry :yum:.
yeah , i could not sell it finally .
like everybody in this thread , I think the sound of this machine is just a bomb . especially what makes its sound so special is the habiliy to integrate into an entire mix , i don’t know another drum which is capable to do it so well !
your trick with the CTL8p / MID machines is nice to avoid a static sequence , I need to try that . because I agree the sequencer is too straight and we need to find some ways to create more movement . personally , I externally control the mute states of the machinedrum , using a long midi sequences for these mute states , an I keep the internal sequencer for composing . this way I can have like a trig condition feature for the machinedrum :grinning: while keeping the workflow of the machine .


It uses midi loopback so as you know IIRC, AFAIK you can’t use plocks.
I found OT sequencing MD much easier to set up, so I’m sure this would be my setup with OT.
With MD alone, yes.

Yesterday I midi controlled OT with my guitar, using MD input gate controlling a track sending midi note to OT with quantize play. :loopy:


mduw is god box wish i never sold mine for 2 mpcs


What???!! That sounds awesome!!
I didn’t know it could do that.


figured this thread would be a fairly safe space for linking my video love letter to the Machinedrum :joy:

I almost got a Rytm earlier this year, and I have been meditating on their relative merits for some years now - even the rytm mk2 upgrades weren’t quite enough to sway me though


great video .
the machinedrum is literally not an « has been « machine !!