AKs in stock anywhere in U.S.?


Anybody know any U.S. dealers who still have new AKs in stock?

jrrshop had one for a long time but it sold in the last week or so…


Price is going to reflect the actual value of the synth soon then…Tried second hand market ?


Several new and b-stock AKs on Reverb.com right now…



Not really comfortable with Reverb, it’s even less reliable than eBay in my anecdotal experience… but i’ll see if there are genuine retailers in this bunch…


Vintage King has a $999 demo unit https://vintageking.com/elektron-analog-keys-demo-deal

Big City Music has a new unit for $1349 https://www.bigcitymusic.com/products/analog-keys

SoundPure has a new unit for $1399 https://www.soundpure.com/p/elektron-analog-keys/17988

Perfect Circuit has a new unit for $1349 https://www.perfectcircuit.com/elektron-analog-keys.html

Detroit Modular has a NEW unit for $1199 (marked down) https://www.detroitmodular.com/elektron-analog-keys.html
and a b-stock for $1099 https://www.detroitmodular.com/elektron-analog-keys-b-stock.html


Please use the marketplace section for advertising your personal gear for sale. Thanks!


I have had fantastic luck both buying and selling on Reverb. Much, Much better than Ebay in my experience.


This listing on guitar center is the definition of vague. But it possibly looks like a good deal on a used mk2.


Worth a shot.
Can always return it to your local GC if unhappy.


That’s an A4 though not an AK.


What you selling now?


Oops. I guess I misread the title. I thought he was looking for an Analog 4. Oh well, maybe that deal will useful to someone else.


There are a couple of places over here in the UK that still have them in stock as long as you don’t mind paying the shipping/duties. Not ideal but if it has to be a new one there are still a few floating about.