Akai MPD232


Do you know if it s possible to control analog rytm and monomachine with mpd232 maybe with a usb to midi converter?


It should, absolutely, be possible. I see nothing in the documentation that would prevent using it as a standard MIDI controller for any Elektron device.

and since the MPD232 has 3.5mm MIDI, all you should need is the included 3.5mm to DIN converter cable, and a MIDI cable. You won’t even need a pricey USB-MIDI host (Kenton, iConnect, OpLab, etc.)


Sorry i was not clear, i d like to control some paraleters of AR and some od’f the mono at the sale time, i m not sure the two can be controlled at the same time?


MPD midi out>Device1 midi in, Device1 midi thru>Device2 midi in. Carefully set midi channels/options on all devices… should get you there.


I have to see tommorow if i can set more than one ar track on a midi hannel to free some channels for the monomachine maybe @Simon know it?


It should be. Set your CC’s to the knobs and sliders you want.


Not sure exactly what you want to do, but should be possible. Haven’t used the akai so cannot say. Full midi CC spec can be found in the manual of each machine.


For exemple i dont need to control kick or hi hat via midi, can i put theses voice on a midi channel to free one midi channel for my controller use this channel for my monomachine?


My MPD-32 allowed you to set unique midi channels for each controller. I don’t see how the 232 would be different.

edit: I just looked at the manual, and it looks like they made the MIDI channel assignments more limited now, unfortunately.

MIDI Channel: This setting determines over which MIDI channel data is sent. The available settings are Common, USB A1–A16, and USB B1–B16.

Common = a common midi channel that you determine, sort of like a global channel, or an auto channel. This would make doing what you seek quite without a MIDI translator.


I haven’t used either MPD, so I can’t say for certain, but I looked at the manuals for the two MPD machines and it doesn’t seem that the assignment functions are different between the two. If that’s true, then @benwadub could program commands on the MPD’s controls and use different MIDI channel numbers to send message to his AR and MM.


Perhaps easier than that, if you don’t want a particular track on the AR to respond to MIDI messages then you can set its Track Channel in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > MIDI CHANNELS to ‘Off’.

That way you can easily set up which of the 16 MIDI channels you will use for the AR and which you want to use for the MM.


Ben what CCs and other controls do you want on your AR preset? I am working on an AR MPD232 template and will post it in the files section soon. Might as well get your wish list in right now.


does it have an unquantized ‘sequencer’? i.e. midi record


Yes it’s like a single track MPC. I still haven’t gone deep into the sequencer. That’s a separate project.


Don t really know every cc needed but for sure delay and reverb sends on snares and claps… cause i make reggae electrodub!!!


thanks buddy - so the sequencer has only one track?


It seems like it. 64 steps/ 4 bar sequencer. The manual isn’t well written. I will dig deeper into it soon. The groove/ sequencer feel reminds me of a 2500/1000 MPC. It’s good for grabbing drums out of battery 4 and writing a 4 bar loop and tracking in live though. If I could do it all again I would get a 226 instead. But either way these can be had for 150-200 on the used market nowadays. The pads are the best drum pads I’ve ever used. These are better than the fat mpcstuff drum pads I installed on my mpc60 mkii.

I’ll let you know how far I can push the sequencer.


cheers - you already answered some questions I was going to ask next =)


get a kenton usb midi host or bomebox and ur good

I was using my MPD218 briefly until I ran into unexplained double triggering issues with my AR. Sent a ticket to elektron, olle replied that it’s something with my project so they didn’t catch the bug yet. Once that bug is found and squashed, the MPD will return to the rig.

and yes, the new generation MPD pads rule!


Hi folks,

I’m not sure if I’ve posted here before - more of a lurker.

I’ve seen talk on a couple of threads about using various midi devices as sidekicks for Elektron gear, and templates for the MPD232 and A4. I don’t suppose anybody has a template for the OT and MPD232?

I have many deadlines and a show coming up for which this would be super useful. Any help much appreciated!