AKAI Force


maybe akai designed push1, ableton had to buy it to develop it’s own controller (push2)?
Specualiting! :wink:


Ya i thought they werked together on it. Push, that is.


They did work together on Push 1 which, at the time at least, is probably why Push 2 is so much better…!


No need to be that way :slight_smile:


“Work together” sounds to me in industry language = client, supplier, contract. Co-design is a fantasy that rarely happen sadely.
Maybe in small companies or relatively small buisiness like audio…i am curious…


…which I reckon can be said for any ‘standalone’ instrument including Elektron ones?


I guess royalties could be paid to the patent owner(s).


Some more questions on GS answered by Dan from Akai

Rcmusic35 : what about the GUI colors, will they come to X/Live too? thanx
Dan: yes, that’s essentially the beginnings of MPC 3.0

Captain 8 : Does the Force have P.Locks?
Dan: no, but maybe someday 


I thought the same. Are there any official tech specs? I know it has 2GB of RAM, but what else? Is it Windows (Core/IoT) that runs the device? What CPU (ARM, x86, x64) and how fast is it? I don’t really see the support for VSTs on this devices, ATM.


Well yes, of course. I’m just saying that should also be factored into cost in the grand scheme of things.


I think they may have co-designed it. Akai made the APC series a little while before the Push, so I would assume they had a decent influence on the Push’s design. That and Novation’s Launchpad series probably gave them an idea of how to approach it.


Same. Dan from Akai said on gearslutz that the same functionalities will be rolled out to the Live/X, so I would love to just attach a Launchpad to use for the 8x8 grid.


Nope. Not drooling. I have a Live, which I use for… Live performance! :grinning:

Almost perfect form factor for me. If it gets SSD streaming, sidechain compression and maybe improved effects, I’ll be more than happy.

I don’t currently really have a use for the new unit.


Akai Force, isn’t it just another excuse to not make music?



Push 1 is an Akai product with Ableton branding


I know this is designed as a performance instrument on clip basis, but does it have a proper song mode for finishing a tune? I have not found any info on that so far …
The strength of Ableton and Bitwig over any loop based hardware lies in their capability of actually finishing some music.


vI am pretty sure this has the exact same 2GB RAM RAZR board insideas the live and X. Exactly same wifi and bluetooth options as well.

But what I’m still wondering is that if the force is running MPC 2.4:

  • What file format does the force use for its projects? .xprj ? Can I open force projects in the MPC 2 software and in standalone MPCs?
  • Does it have NEXT SEQ mode at all? Not that it has to has it, just wondering about MPC project structure comptibility
  • Can one record clip matrix operation, xfade movements & qlinks into a song somehow?
  • Can you record MIDI and Audio into the clip matrix directly, like in ableton? And if so then WTF nobody demoing this in the videos?!
  • Is there an UI for arrangement mode?

As for the upcoming MPC 2.4 software, I’m wondering:

  • We are getting the AIR fx for live & X? If so, great!
  • We are getting the clip matrix mode for live & X? If yes, must buy launchpad :diddly:
  • Do we also get .als file export? Cuz That would be very useful for me for xferring MIDI clips etc across my two main work locations (between ableton and standalone MPC)


I’m wondering if you can record midi in from different channels? Not currently possible on the MPC Live. Maybe 2.4?


I hope there is PDC for third party plugins on the DAW software. Here’s to me crossing my fingers.


I think PDC will not be onboard, at least not at first.

And I just read from GS that the force will not have NEXT SEQ nor MPC song mode. They will add an arrangement mode of sorts to force (unclear whether its already onboard or not). Bummer. This means that arranging on this thing will be different than on the MPCs, so guessing project compatibility will not exist either…