AKAI Force


I’m completely DAWless! [hunches over to squint at a tiny screen as my spine fractures in real time]


looks cool but its definitely not as cool as having proper automation editing for the MPC live/x.


I have an MPC60 II that is gigantic too.

The thing about having a gigantic form factor instrument is it will force everything else off the table and force you to write. My workstation table can either host the sl mkiii or a push 2 not both. Which locks me into writing mode for each controller.

My thinking with 1 instrument on the table is either play different drum loop takes or chord progression takes.



Here’s the run down then
500 for laptop + 700 for push 2 + 200 for komplete audio 6 + 0 for live 10 lite = 1400 for live 10 rig

1500 US for force. That’s cutting it close.

Live 10 gives you PDC for third party plugins though.

Good point at this price point. I could get a vocalist to sing various vocal takes on live 10 lite. Looping and remixing are still doable on live 10 lite.


I think this will be super fun. I ditched maschine a few years ago due to broke-ness. Have been eyeing push2…now this.

I would love to get this when i can afford to!


Is funny when you hear people’s saying they are dawless… just like those djs that says they are real because they play vinyl and then they record their performances hiding the laptop, with the dj software. Ugly, big, etc or not if you can do great thing’s on it, and it serves for your needs, go for it and don’t care for others… People’s blame technology and sometimes they just dont think before they speak. What you can do without it? Technology is here to stay. If you don’t want use it, just don’t use it!


plus you get all the advantages of a laptop …

ability to watch influencers on youtube doing their adverturials
proper sample editing , batch processing , games , facebook etc… (some are good , others are debatable)


and all the ‘real’ musicians using old moogs and £1000 tb303’s …

personally , i’ve been at gigs with tr8’s , tb-3’s , tt-303 and moog copies , i didnt see anyone walk out in disgust … who gives a f…
although miming is annoying.


Exactly… you know, with this so called ‘‘social’’ media trend, almost everybody just want to impose their fake everything. Everybody is GOD.
There was a time, if you are note white you are not fully human and we still pay for this terrible mistake!
Just live your life, find something that make you happy and let others be happy in their way


Sounds like a convergence of hardware and software+controler solutions!
Comparable prices, for comparable features…

I choose ableton powered buy my expensive nuclear grade computer, because i like to run 16 note chords on U-he Diva in Divine mode! :wink:
And also if one day i properly finish a track, i am pretty sure it will be much easier for me on my computer.


Needs more Dan


Akai helped develop the OG Push, so they still probably own a part of the design. To me this looks like a Push 1 smashed together with the MPC Live.


I for one am pretty freaking interested.


Don’t forget though that some kind of computer will probably be necessary for final edits/mixing/use of 3rd party vsts etc, so the force will be $1500 PLUS the cost of a new computer (if you need one at that point, that is.)


This is an excellent point. It’s also what using the TR-707 did for me. Its dimensions add some gravitas to the proceedings. :face_with_monocle:

I have another table in another room set up with external controllers for doing computery arrangement work after I’m done composing rhythms on the rhythm composer.


I like this, wasnt keen on first look pics. But after watching some videos it looks nice. One thing that sucks is that it looks like it is only the 64 sounds in session view. Looks like you cannot move around a session with the DPad like in Ableton and that is a bummer… How are you supposed to transition through a set if you have to load each project to the 64pads? Guess thats why the guy said it would be great with one on each side of a dj mixer… maybe wait until V2 or V3 when they up the RAM and give us a scrollable session view :roll_eyes:


i don’t see next seq button or menu. guess, there’s no sequences in this machine, so you stuck to only one matrix grid… so i’ll stay with my mpc live then )


From my perspective there is the design, and the manufacturing. 2 different things. i thought for push1 design = ableton, manufacturing=akai. Maybe i am wrong…

Manufacturing a product doesn’t allow one to own the design!
Co-design is really rare in the industry in my experience, maybe more likely for small companies? Doubt that…


Drooling I’m definitely not. Consider me mildly open to finding out more about it. It doesn’t trigger any kind of preorder impulse, but then only Elektron ever have. Ultimately it will depend on how many corners I will have to cut by using this instead of a laptop.


I don’t know anything about Akai/Ableton-deal, but you can speculate, right!?

I’d guess that Akai has had much more experience in designing hardware ui’s than Ableton. Pretty certain that they wouldn’t have ripped the design language so straigth if they wouldn’t have at least some rights for it.