AKAI Force

Force as a desktop software seems pretty similar to Ableton Lite. hehe. Dont think we will see something like that.

No. Ableton already did that, and it’s far more powerful. :laughing: :rofl:

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No point in AKAI having to maintain yet another buggy ass software on macos and windows, let them focus on making the standalone force better.

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Does anyone know of the MPD232 would work with the Force? Specifically the step sequencer? I have a hunch that it won’t (well guessing the pads would but the sequencer not) but just wondered if anyone knew for certain?

I like the Force pads for melodic stuff but prefer the MPC pads for drums and also enjoy xox style TR Rec step sequencers so if it all worked I thought this could be a really great addition to my Force…

It’ll work with the Force as a basic MIDI controller, but won’t work with the Force’s step sequencer since step-inputting notes from an external device isn’t supported.

Or do you mean the MPD232’s step sequencer?

Yeah I meant the sequencer on the MD232… assuming it won’t so it would just be a simple Midi controller, but thought I’d ask!

maybe this will make someone elses day…

just heard via reddit/ mpc forums that there is a surprise (undocumented/no release notes, tnx Akai lol) FW 3.2.3 update for the Force which enables the MX-1

just did a quick test now and indeed both input/output works from force to mx-1 over usb!

the MX-1 needs to be set to 44.1 and EXT mode

Force needs to be set to ‘32 inputs/outputs’ mode (even tho it ends up as 18in/out)

also tested plugging in a j-8 to the aira usb and audio comes through as expected

super cool and unexpected as MX-1 is not class compliant, or at least its not documented that way AFAIK, maybe some other things also started to work?

Guess ppl should temper expectations as Akai are very poor at documenting which audio interfaces work with the force per FW and there are lots of stories of interfaces working and then suddenly not working with a new FW… so fingers crossed, enjoy for now and be careful about moving to future FW versions


Wow, that’s really cool, the MX-1 is a great interface/controller… especially if you can individually route Force tracks through its FX… oh, and the scenes, etc. wow.

Is this available on the MPC too then?

Oh wow, I don’t have a MX 1 anymore but I do have a force, this might make me rethink it…

I’ve got both an MPC Live II, Force, and an MX-1 and can confirm that as of latest Force 3.2.3 and MPC 2.11.8, the MX-1 is in fact working as an audio interface when set to 44.1 Khz and 32 i/o on your Akai device! Left my Force sitting all night with a Project open, too, and the next morning it’s still solid with no pop/click or other audio artifacts. Same with my MPC Live II.

This is epic, as Roland doesn’t support or update the MX-1 anymore, so it’s definitely something that Akai worked out on their end. Kudos to Akai!!! And yeah, I’m crossing my fingers that this doesn’t get broken in an update, as it will truly change how I use my Akai gear and my MX-1 together.


So the MX-1 can act as a mixer for the MPCs?

Can you send separate channels from the MPC to different channels on the MX-1?

YES and YES! But the MX-1 only has 18 channels available to the MPC/Force, which is 9 stereo tracks. Or you can treat the MX-1’s first four channels as single mono channels, too (just unlink them):


Man, i love autosampling. Its a feature i use once in a while, but everytime i do i get something cool. Ive been GAS’ing for an analog polysynth lately, but cant afford one now. So played around with autosampler again. Made a pad with my Pro-1. Sounds really beefy.

And then i tried layering a pro-1 keygroup with a mono lancet keygroup. This might be a little over the top. hehe. But fun to play with even if it is useless in a track.

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Ooh, the MX1 working with it is so tempting, but the damn rubber coating on the Force is the only thing stopping me from buying one at this point.

If they do a Force2 or Force mini without that rubber coating I’ll buy one.

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It’s the same damn rubber coating that’s on the MX-1. :rofl:

MX-1 doesn’t have a rubber coating aside from the knobs - I don’t mind that as I never had any problems with knobs breaking down, but everything that had it on the body always goes sticky, from headphones, speakers, keyboards, etc.

I read a few user reports of their Force going sticky, so I can be confident it would happen to mine, as everything else did here.

interesting, I have the Force since when it came out in 2019. I have absolutely no issues with sticky rubber. It catches some dust, true, but not sticky. I don’t even have it covered. Sometimes I clean it a slightly wet microfiber cloth. Then it shines again.

But yeah, material is very subjective, as is touching it.

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True, true. I was really just kidding.

That’s just it - the reports were few and far in between. It’s not a widespread issue. Mine is going on 4 years old and it’s fine. Seriously should not be defining factor whether you pick one up, as it’s literally THE BEST standalone groovebox on the market, full stop. And if yours for some reason did eventually start suffering from a defective coating, there are plenty of Force skins you can purchase and put over it if needed.

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Must say mine has never had any issues with the finish…


Um cosmetics over performance not sure if that would come into my decision.