AKAI FORCE + Analog rytm + Analog four MKII ( crash of the force when I'm change pattern in Akai four)

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
So, I am using analog rytm as a rytm box,

AKAI force as A mixer + sampler and analog Four as synth.

The analog four control the trigger of akai force and analog rytm, play or pause

However, when I want to change the partition on the analog Four, " exemple : going from A02 to A03 it crashes the Akai force with the following error message “Your force recovered from an internal error”

Could someone help me solve this problem please?

Thank you

You might have a MIDI feedback loop. From memory a large amount of MIDI data can crash the Force.

Just a guess though tbh. I use a Digitakt with a Force.

Raise a ticket with Akai?

program change = off.

How do you connect the A4 and Rytm to the Akai Force? Can anyone help me?