[AK] Multimap questions

Hi there, another AK-noob question: I want to use Multimap to play an external module with the AK’s keyboard, so I have two of them instantly available (one with the multimap button, another with the ext. midi button) but Multimap seems to cancel aftertouch and joystick. Is there a setting I missed?


Maybe it sends only notes. Aftertouch and joysticks works with your synth without Multi Map ?
Feature request?

Yep, works without multimap (ext midi button) on the same synth, same channel. A bit weird, isn’t it?

Dommage. Doable with a midi processor…

Hi there, a AK noob issue here: When I’m in multimode, and play the AK keyboard even if I haven’t set-up anything in the multimode set-up, it sends out midi on whatever channel the Performance channel is set to. This adds up to anything I set up in multimode so if I set the whole keyrange to external midi, I play 2 channels at once. Very cool happy accidents ensue but I’d rather understand what’s happening here! Probably a setting somewhere but can’t find it… thanks

EDIT: this post has been merged with another one though both adress different issues… I hope this merger will not confuse people