AK Back from the dead!

So, My keys suddenly developed a fault a few years back where no sound was heard from any of the outs. There was an error on the test page of Audio - 1234 (or similar) and a reference to a pwm fail when a calibration was done. Lots of back and forth with support, a replacement internal psu and the realisation that taking a punt on the suggested replacement of the main system board for £600+ was not worth it, I bought another and stored the faulty unit in my cold cellar for the best part of 18 months.

Yesterday I came across it, having forgotten all about it. The pain was still deep and so decided to put it on ebay as scrap… but… after plugging it in it’s now working again. Very odd. Had it switched on all night, performed over 50 restarts and it’s still good.

Anyone heard of this type of thing happening? I won’t sell it as I can’t be sure it’s not going to fail on the new user after a few days/weeks so I’ll keep it. I’m not sure I’ll run a calibration on it again and trying to decide whether to just leave it switched on 24/7 as when it failed last time I used to just grab 15 minutes here and there and power on and off a few times a day. Would leaving it on 24/7 be OK?

Anyways, it’s a good day for me. It’s still on OS1.22 so thinking of going to 1.5 for scale per track.