After Later Audio ENVy

Was wondering if anybody has any experience with this Eurorack module. I’m looking to get into modular and this seems like a good deal for an adsr. Problem is i can’t seem to find any info on the power draw. There seems to be very little on modulargrid or even on the ALA’s own website. Also was wondering what y’all think of ALA as a company. They seem to offer a lot of Mutable instruments “clones” and was wondering if this is ethical. Like i said I’m just getting started in modular so this is all knew to me.

They are very legit, Divkid Eurorack YT ninja has an interview with the owner. Check it out.

I am looking at the new benjolin v2 they just released atm.


A lot Mutable instruments stuff is open source or becomes open source after a while. There are rules to be followed but most of what you see out there is legitimate.

If you want to support MI though you could buy their original modules.


Yeah not really wanting to support one company over another. I just wanted to get a specific ALA module. Thanks for y’alls help!

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