After 31 Digitakt sketches, I succumbed to GAS and bought a 2nd hand Digitone. It's GLORIOUS

I wasn’t supposed to buy any more gear this soon, but I couldn’t pass up my chance to buy a very little used Digitone for 25% less than the going rate. I originally named this track “I Can’t Afford Any More Gear 2”, because before I bought my Digitakt, I made a track called “I Can’t Afford Any More Gear” to stave off my lust for a Digitakt. I instead named it “Succumb”, because I succumbed GAS.

The Digitone feels pretty much like a Digitakt, except it’s a synth and not a sampler. It took some getting used to, but 90% of my muscle memory from the Digitakt translates very well to the Digitone! The last 10% works against me, though :D.

I made all the melodic patches myself and used presets for the drums. All audio is coming from the Digitone, and all I added in post was a limiter to even out the transients.

Thanks for listening!


finally. was wondering how long it would take
Really looking forward to all your digitone sketches


There is a thread : OT in 2019 ? … You are next my friend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice track, I wanted to buy one some time ago, but I don’t like that much the sound coming from DN. I stick with DT only.

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Subscribed! Great track dude.

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Dope track! That lead reminds me of something out of Donkey Kong Country

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Thank you all! @Unifono I’m really looking forward to making tracks on the Digitone =D.
@ml nooo, I can’t afford to even look at the features on an OT now!
@blaize I’ve used the DT on its own a lot, and it’s really powerful and works perfectly alone.
@VanillaSun thanks! I also got a donkey kong country vibe when i made the lead patch.

Awesome. I’ve loved all your DT sketches and I’m excited to see what you come up with.

Question: did you ever consider the Analog 4? I could see a lot of your tracks benefitting from the warm-ish vibe of that box.


Thank you, @mattmarque! I’ve been spending a lot of time with it, and I’m really happy with the sounds I can get out of it. Can’t wait to get better at using it :smiley:

I really love the A4’s sound, but it’s too expensive for me. If I had access to one, I’d definitely use it! I saw a tutorial the A4, and I’m surprised at how versatile it is. I wish it was cheaper and had more voices, but I know that’s an unreasonable thing to ask for :P.

Your DT tutorials/walkthroughs were immensely helpful and made me look at the box in an entirely different way.

Selfishly, if you ever did something showing how you approach a synth-based workflow I’d be super pumped.


I’m really glad those those videos were helpful! Even when I did my best to cut down on workload by not editing the videos and doing everything in one take, it still took a lot of planning and effort. “made me look at the box in an entirely different way” is my favorite sort of comment! Thanks a lot, man :slight_smile:

I’m also very interested in making a walkthrough video on the Digitone, but that’s probably weeks down the line. In the meantime I’m gonna watch all the tutorials I can find on youtube. I was sad to see there was no 10000 response Digitone tips and tricks thread, like on the Digitakt’s forum.


Yeah someone started one up. I hope
It takes off and gets a wiki page and all that. I contributed a good bit to it. I have had my DT for a while but have not dove in the same way as I did with my DT so when I do hopefully I’ll have some stuff to share. Glad you’re pumped and getting along with it so well! Hope to hear more soon!

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I saw that thread, @Synj00! I even posted a retriggering trick there that I found here (thanks, @Cepheid!) Why no retrig in digitone? Workaround?

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Nice!!! And congratulations on your DN. I have the pair as well and I am keeping them for the rest of my/their lives. Wonderful instruments!

Thanks, @ViolentMeals! The DN is amazing, can’t wait for my mid cable to arrive so I can try them out together =D

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