After 31 Digitakt sketches, I succumbed to GAS and bought a 2nd hand Digitone. It's GLORIOUS

I wasn’t supposed to buy any more gear this soon, but I couldn’t pass up my chance to buy a very little used Digitone for 25% less than the going rate. I originally named this track “I Can’t Afford Any More Gear 2”, because before I bought my Digitakt, I made a track called “I Can’t Afford Any More Gear” to stave off my lust for a Digitakt. I instead named it “Succumb”, because I succumbed GAS.

The Digitone feels pretty much like a Digitakt, except it’s a synth and not a sampler. It took some getting used to, but 90% of my muscle memory from the Digitakt translates very well to the Digitone! The last 10% works against me, though :D.

I made all the melodic patches myself and used presets for the drums. All audio is coming from the Digitone, and all I added in post was a limiter to even out the transients.

Thanks for listening!


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