Advice on posting OT MK 2 without original packaging

I have to send my OT in for repair and I have lost the original packaging. I have a deck saver and plan on using that to protect the knobs and buttons. Does anyone have any advice for or experience with packing up one of these machines securely?

All advice welcome.

Rubber bands around the decksaver and unit, bubble wrap around the whole thing nice and thick (preferably the type with big bubbles), don’t neglect the corners, pack the box with whatever material will keep it secured and not sliding around, brown paper or whatever, done deal. Just use common sense, you’ll know if it is or isn’t secure.

Thank you. I am ordering rubber bands now and plan on going fairly ham with with bubble wrap.

I am looking at postal boxes, do you think it worth buying a specific one or just hunting around for a box of about the right size?

You don’t need to buy a specific one, I like to just use whatever cardboard boxes I have laying around, and if I don’t have one that fits I just cut a few up and build my own box. Anything is fine as long as it is strong and fits the unit with enough room for packing material. Also you don’t necessarily need to use rubber bands, you can use whatever you have on hand to secure it to the unit. If you’re going to wrap it well and tight with bubble wrap, you probably don’t need to use rubber bands at all.

Thanks again. I know most of this is common sense, I am just a little nervous of sending off such an important instrument.

Your advice has been very helpful.

No sweat dude. I just try to pack things in a way that would make me happy if I was the recipient. If you’re in that mindset, then you’ll always make the right choices.