Advice for simple video+audio recording - problems using Open Camera w/ Behringer UFO202

Hello there - I’m hoping some more seasoned folks will have an easy answer for me…

I’m trying to record a video of me playing some stuff, using Open Camera and with audio coming in through a Behringer UFO202 interface. The recordings have stutters in them, every few seconds. See link:

Did a lot of googling. Seems Open Camera can only accept 44.1khz audio, and the Behringer interface runs at 48khz. Ok, so did more googling for audio interfaces that could be set to put out 44.1khz over usb, or alternatively camera-apps for android that could handle 48khz. Came up nil on both accounts.

I know there is a lot of discussion on here around interfaces for blogging, livestreaming, and more professional use cases, but really I’m only after the simplest of setups (just recording a few vids for friends etc… It feels like a phone app with the UFO202 as the external mic SHOULD work… right? right…?) I know the UFO202 is doing its job, because I normally record audio through the Audio Evolution daw-app on my phone, which works fine.

Curious what setups people are using for this purpose.


do you need to use open camera?
else obs works fine with 48khz, i think.

edit: ooops, it thought open camera was a pc streaming software, seems like it’s a software for tablets…

Hi, sorry if I wasn’t clear - yes I’m trying to use my android phone to capture video and audio coming from the UFO202 interface - no computer involved :slight_smile:

My Zoom H4n pro does 44.1 over usb.

Can’t get it to work properly with my android phone yet though, but will update you as and when I do.

Same problem with galaxy S7 and Q802USB, android 8.0 made things worst. I may take my phone back to stock android 6.
The problem is android stock usb driver on some phones, not behringer fault. if you use a audio recording app with custom audio drivers like USBAudiorecorder you will see audio works just fine.

Thanks everybody - I had thought this would be a really common thing, but perhaps not.

Are there any combination of a android phone app and (ideally cheap!) audio interface that ppl are using to record audio and video (however unprofessionally)?

thanks again…