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I got my Octatrack yesterday and between experiments, video, manual and reading Elektronauts I’ve managed to start working already. I’ve got my external synths sequenced using MIDI and the audio coming back in through A B inputs.

I don’t plan to sample the external gear, I’m just using the OT as a mixer of sorts. I’m wondering if there’s a way to apply effects to my external gear as it’s playing through the OT? I’ve got a thru machine with audio effects applied to it but it doesn’t seem to work.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Tom,
There’s no reason for a Thru machine not to work the way you want. Did you trig the track of the Thru machine?

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Hi, Peter. Thank you for the reply. I had not triggered the track and now that I have, it’s working fine. I also had the direct volume up high which did not have the effects in it and cause confusion. It’s working fine now, thank you!



What does trig the track mean exactly? Thank you.

According to A.1 “Thru Machine” of the manual, the Thru machine needs to be activated using a trig; a blank pattern will not work. Enter a trigger on (step 1 of) the track.

Welcome to Elektronauts!

If you are starting from scratch with the Octatrack, the exact button presses are given in “Recording a pattern using Grid Recording” in the Quick Start section of the manual.


I am. :grinning:

Thank you.

I have the DTakt and DTone so some looks familiar. But, the audio in stuff is throwing me for a loop on which level and signal settings need to be what.

Start twisting things and forget what was twisted and then I am twisted …LOL

Thank you!

And if you’re starting out with the OT, make sure you don’t miss out on the excellent Merlin’s Guide, a must read for all new OT users IMHO :wink:

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