Adam Jay - Live Techno Tracks. M:S... A4... OT

I am going to be doing more finished tracks as videos in the coming weeks and months, so figured a single thread is best.

Up first:

This started as an insomnia induced experiment to see how far I could push single cycle waveforms.

Elektron Model:Samples (running just three different 556 byte single cycle waveforms from Digitone and Analog Four, used across all 6 tracks. Heavy LFO modulation to synthesize the kick and bass (DN) sounds, and hat (A4), all in the M:S.
1668 bytes of .wav audio to make this. Not KB, not MB. Bytes.

Special thanks to our dear @Taro for those free single cycle waveforms, from his wavetable pack.
Was a fun experiment in pushing such minimal material to the limits.

M:S output hits an Alesis Micro Limiter and some light Octatrack FX (EQ/Comp) as well. MF Twister just controlling OT bass DJ equalizer.

The whole tune is also a statement of frustration with our current global predicament, how our leaders have failed us, and how we must work together to overcome the reckless choices made by those who have abused their power. I could not sleep last night and had to get this out of my system.
If you want to discuss that further, find me in the covid-19 thread.


Crazy demo of the power of the M:S!

M:S is getting a fresh batch of samples, and A4 had been neglected, so…

I was curious about adopting a 6 track workflow to the A4, using DR-110 kick and hat as 5th and 6th tracks. (I think I’ll do this a lot with A4+M:C once I get my M:C back from loaning it out, since it has such great kick and hats)

So… DR-110 into Platform for comp/grit/filter ----> into A4 external input ----> into Alesis Micro Limiter.
DR-110 has a DIN sync mod, so A4 was sending sync.
A4 doing bass, lead, more percussions.

Wasn’t trying to make a track but had so much fun building it up and breaking it back down while recording that it just kinda happened.

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These are great! If you use reddit, you should post them here:

hey, I don’t really post on reddit, but you’re free to repost it there if you like.

Great track, really like it! :wink: