AcidLab Miami To Digitakt


Hello guys,

I just grabbed AcidLab Miami Drummachine .
Also figuring out if Digitakt will allow me to do what i want.
Aaand the thing what i want is to connect my drummachine to Digitakt and use Digitakt Fx on individual sounds coming from drummachine. Is it possible ?

Any advise will be big help for me :slight_smile:


Nope. The Digitone will allow this (plus panning of the inputs) but strangely that functionality is missing on the Digitakt.


Thanks for respond :slight_smile:
And what about Octatrack?


Octatrack will definitely let you do that, and much more (sample and mangle your Miami, mainly). there’s four inputs you can use individually. but you’ll sacrifice a track for each one if you want to have effects on the sounds.

congrats on the Miami. I’ve eyed one for a while. have the Drumatix and love it.


Thanks, i love Drumatix sound too!

I have to use individual inputs for each sound? :frowning:

Every sound needs individual track to add effect on it ? Am i right?


there’s four inputs. you can use all of these at once and just have the audio go out the OT output, without using up any OT tracks. so it’s basically just a mixer then. but you can’t have effects on them that way (other than any effect you may have on the OT master output). if you want effects on them individually, you’ll need to dedicate an OT thru machine to a track and assign that track to the input. then you can use two effects on it.


That means that OT will be dedicated to my drum :frowning:
What about using external effect , for example Boss Delay Pedal.

Can i save tracks on octatrack by adding effect this way on individual sound?