Accidentally replaced my encoders with indented ones and not 'smooth' ones. It's actually pretty alright!

I bought a used OT about 2 month ago. It was one of the earlier models with the rough metal.

The encoders were somewhat loose and not as precise as I would have liked them to be. So I ordered some new encoders from the Net. I got the part number from this post on Reddit:

They are the “Bourns PEC16-4020F-S0024”.
Maybe it was a mistake by the supplier, but the ones I received are indented. (They click into place on every step)

I am still waiting for the company to get back to me, in case they sent me the wrong ones. They look identical otherwise, and they work perfectly. They feel very solid and when I now go to grab an encoder, there is no wiggle anymore. The behavior of the encoders is surprisingly fun, as every click is equivalent to one value on the OT. The precision is now fully there.
If you have any question regarding installation / feel, just ask.

Thus I believe I currently have one of the only OTs with indented encoders.

EDIT: See this comment on reddit:
I had ordered the part number PEC16-4220F-S0024 not the …4020F…


Very cool! What’s the behaviour when you press+turn?

Exactly the same as with the originals.

EDIT: Actually it’s better I find. I noticed I actually didn’t have to look at the screen and still feel in control of what I am doing.

Huh. Is the click audible or just felt in the fingers?

You can hear it a little bit, but no where near being annoying. Once you have music playing or are concentrated on making music, you can’t hear it anymore.


So you can sample it ! :slight_smile:


I’ve found that the indented encoders are not perfectly precise on the OT.

I’ve also replaced a faulty encoder of mine with the clicky PEC16-4220F-S0024. Expected to get one click per value, but Elektron made these encoders go through 32 values per revolution instead of the manufacturer-specified 24. When rotating the encoder click-by-click it means that most clicks correspond to a value change of 1, but every third or so corresponds to a change of 2. This means that with small increments I sometimes overshoot and have to go back a click.

Just wanted to post this as a warning to others who may have been inspired by the OP.
@mchanger, do you get the same behavior?


damn, I nearly bought some for my OT. If only it had mech settings like on the MD where you can change the resolution to 24…

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Yes I do. However I don’t find it to be in the way at all. I use the OT as a live instrument - thus I don’t need exact 1 value changes very often.
And when twisting more than one value it feels much more precise - I don’t over shoot the expected value as often as I used to.

So it’s not that good, maybe another indented reference would be better…
What’s the behavior when you press and turn knobs? Usual 7 values ?

Ok so it works for the MD MKI that is 24?…. Thanks

For anyone interested, it’s the item I used to replace the main encoder on my Blofeld. Works great.

Necroposting ))
Hello. I also decided to change the encoders in my OT MK1. And I decided to try encoders with indents. Changed and was happy. Tactile very pleasant encoders. Clicks are very soft, on the verge of touch. It is convenient to work with the device. At the same time, I made and installed a stainless steel plate that fixes the encoders. It was not in my rev. of the device, but I saw it in the following revisions during the repair. A smart solution that significantly extends the life of encoders by reducing their backlash.


Great idea! Do you by chance have a drawing of the steel plate with measurements?

My mate replaced a dodgy encoder on my MIDI Fighter Twister with an indented one. It feels great but it’s the only one out of the 16 that is indented. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine has that plate.
I thought they all had it.

Neat job there :+1:

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EncodersPlateOTMK1.pdf (14.9 KB)


:+1: thanks!