Accidentally lost pattern in MM

So I was jamming and holding down the function key to toggle on/off tracks and accidentally pressed the ‘clear’ button whilst doing so.

Lost the entire pattern! It was one of my best tunes

Is there a way to recover it? Seems like it’s something that would be fairly common especially in a jamming scenario (to accidentally press FUNC + PLAY)

There really should be a way to hard save patterns … so one can mess around with the pattern during jamming and then revert to what’s originally saved … or does that actually exist already within song mode?

Is say the Octatrak sequencer a lot better than the MM’s? I’m assuming there have been a lot of accidental patterns cleared worldwide. Wondering if this has been updated in the Octatrak sequencer.

May I suggest an ‘Are you sure? Y/N’ for when ‘Clear’ is pressed (this ‘sub menu’ can be toggled on somewhere in global).

PS I’ve probably already lost the undo data

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If you press clear again it will undo. Assuming you didn’t do any other action.

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if you’ve got something good going and you’re going to jam and edit it in the moment; always wise to make a back up copy and paste somewhere just in case. but ya you lost it. rite of passage and now hopefully you’ll spring into func+clear to undo next time.


haha, how true

The Octatrack is no different. Always make pattern copies when working on Elektron units, always.

Thanks. Haha rite of passage. Maybe this should be stickied somewhere for newbies

honestly, it’s just part and parcel of working with hardware imho