Ableton Sampler like Elektron?

I absolutely love using parameter locks, sound locks, etc on Elektron gear (Digitakt, RYTM, Octatrack) to chop and sequence samples. I haven’t found a near equivalent in Ableton that is as easy as Elektron hardware. Any suggestions on different soft samplers to try?

bitwig and its step modulators are quite similar to parameter locks.


cool, I’ll check it out :+1:

Also try Renoise DAW.
Its tracker workflow is also very close to parameter locks.

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The ‚inspired by Elektron‘ is obvious in some features, not 100% like Elektron, and doesn‘t need to be, but quite close.


Apparently this can be done with the Push 2. I saw a video from Ableton that showed a brief demo. It was part of a longer Push 2 features video but it clearly shows the demonstrator doing a “per step” p-lock of a device parameter. Gonna try it when I get my kit setup for my jam here shortly. Keep forgetting to test it. :stuck_out_tongue:


It definitely works- however the parameter locking is only applied for the length of the step at the time of locking.


I made this video some years back and if I remember correctly I used Push 2 for a kind of parameter lock function like Elektron sequencers. Its kinda long, but I think its in there somewhere I was holding steps down on Push2 and locking the sample and pitch.


Works with Push 1 also.
It basically adds automation into a clip, but on a per step basis (IIRC according to grid size, so 1/16th grid would give you smt similar like p-locking a parameter on a step on 1x scale on Elektrons.).
I sold my Push two years ago, but IIRC it works like you said, hold down step and turn encoder of the parameter you want to “lock”.

It certainly was lots of fun :slight_smile:

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yeah, its pretty neat - be in sequencer mode, hold pad - twist an encoder - done.
it’ll do automation at the current step length … or if you select a note it’ll do it for the length of the note - so you can either do step length, or note length.

the only drawback is, it only works for midi tracks, as you cannot access the sequencer page to do this for an audio track. so audio tracks you can just do manual automation recording.

a workaround, is to load the sample up into a sampler instrument for playback.
thats ok, but its a bit of a pain (but possible) to fetch samples you have just recorded from live input.
(I wish Ableton would make this quicker/simpler on the the push)

and of course, if you start using M4L then anything is possible ™ ; )


Ableton’s Sampler is really awesome. A wonderfully thought out virtual instrument imho.


Awesome, thanks! I’ll check it out!

Can you change the start and end points of the sample for each step? I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

If you’re doing oneshot drums and want to P-Lock similar to Elektron you can extend the note length of all of the notes in your pattern so that the end of the note is the start of the next one. This way the P-Lock will be held until the next note or “Trig”. Works best with one-shots but doesn’t have to be limited to that.

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(on the push2, and with respect to plock style )
in classic mode, you can automate start and length
(same procedure as above - hold step, then params are shown on display )
the alternative is too slice. which you can obviously then sequence.

its good stuff, simpler (*) is really well implemented on the push

one thing, I didn’t know for a long time … that made push work better for me (for live recording),
was on the push, you can to browse to all recordings of the session - by going to the ‘current project’, you will find all the clips… clicking on will allow bring into simpler, but you can also use this to load up into a drum rack.

(*) push only supports graphics waveforms for simpler, not sample (the instrument)

should work with clip envelopes I guess

… along with the pencil tool and grid shortcuts.

Totally agree. Maschine does this seamlessly

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I keep imagining ways to make a Max device that holds an automation parameter until the next step.

I keep coming back to the idea of a mappable knob(s) that only updates when a value changes. You then automate a step like normal but it outputs the change and then doesn’t output again until the value changes to a value other than it’s set (non-automated) value. An assignable plocking knob or set of plocking knobs/macros… I just need to work on it I guess.