Ableton Push 2 button “repair”


So last summer the scale button on my Push 2 stopped responding. Ableton states that they do not provide replacement parts and my unit is well outside of warranty so I figured I’d give repairing it a go. I thought I would share my experience in case some Push having Elektronaut has a similar issue.

For a tear down preview I followed this fantastic video:

The board is well laid out with graphics depicting the required screw length:

The buttons are sandwiched between the board and the faceplate and fall apart when the unit is taken apart:

They fit back together easily so no problem.

As you can see the Scale button is in rough shape:

The Interior of the button is a plastic/rubber block that has to make contact with a button on the board. I guess the blocks are allowed to pivot so the user’s finger can come down at multiple angles. In the case of my scale button the inner block was always missing the actual button on the board. Using a small piece of rolled up paper as a crutch (thanks college) I was able to force the button to make contact:

And after putting it back together, it works like new (sort of)! I doubt this is a forever fix but this will extend the usefulness of my almost 4 year old Push 2 so I’ll take it.