Ableton + overbridge + main sound card... possible?

before trying the overbridge experience + digikart i’d like to know if it’s possible to keep my sound card as main sound card in ableton.
in all videos i see talking about the topic people are using elektron overbridge as sound card in ableton pref… so what’s going on with the main sound card?
i’m on win 10.
thanks and best regards to all!

Yes you can use Overbridge and your soundcard at the same time.

You either have to run the plug-in in your DAW, or open up the Digitakt app on your computer. Both will let you track through Overbridge while also using your soundcard.

Be sure to set your computers audio to your main soundcard too using the speaker icon in the bottom right corner.

thanks a lot DataStrain
so in live preference> audio > asio blabla i keep my main sound card and simply use the overbridge as VST (like for exemple the Access Virus system) in a MIDI track in Ableton?
in this config is it still possible to have multiple audio tracks of the elektron routing separatly in the DAW?

Your soundcard works as normal and it just works… something Roland was unable to do with the tr8

yeah. this pretty much ruins the idea of those boutique 808/909 for me.

I was able to multitrack the tr8 while using my soundcard with ALOT of work.
But the latency was terrible. It just was never worth it,
It was just easier to record each track at a time.

On windows at least dunno about Mac

They are digital anyhow so might as well use a vst,
The tr8 doesn’t sound analog

I’m also on Windows and had no issues. Did you check your buffer size? (Also check in the OB plugin, it will give you recommended settings.

I meant the multitracking for the Roland tr8…
overbridge is working great with AR/A4 for me

what is it?

AR = Analog Rytm and A4 = Analog 4

I wrote AK by mistake… but AK = Analog Keys is pretty much the same thing

hi so i can’t figure how to have the sound of the elektron device on a track in Ableton, i hear the sound on headphone when it’s plugged directly on the elektron device, i see signal in Overbridge control panel.
but i don’t know how to put the sound thru Ableton… as i said in the title i want to keep my main sound card as the main ableton sound card device in Ableton preferences.
as with virus TI2 when you open a TI2 midi trak in ableton the sound of TI2 is directly heard in the ableton track (i don’t know if i’m clear sorry for my bad english)

You made sure to set Ableton track’s monitor to Auto or On, correct? Also double check your Ableton preferences to make sure your original Soundcard is still selected.

Usually all I have to do is open OB on a midi track and it starts working, so I’m not sure what might be going wrong in your set up.

yep i try everything ( AUTO- IN and even off) on the MIDI channel track with the Overbridge Digitone

i own a virus TI and they have the same thing (software-hardware integration) it works perfecly, you open a MIDI track add the virus VST soft and let’s roll the music…

on my overbridge i do not see any sound preset, but when i put play on ableton and run the demo pattern on Digitone i have sound on headphones (plugged on Digitone ) and i have vu meters signal on OB control panel…

last update and it’s working :slight_smile: thanks!

On Mac it has been impossible for me to multitrack record the TR8 with my audio interface without problems.

Is it possible to use the Overbridge of the Digitone to record in Ableton its inputs? I´d like to send the Digitone via jack to the Octatrack and the OT´s main outputs into the DN inputs.

:up: !

I’m today trying to use my main soundcard + overbridge but it still do not work :slight_smile:

two things : If analog four is not selected as main soundcard =
-midi conncection in ableton live menu won’t appear
-the sequencer of the analog four will not run if I press :play_or_pause_button: in ableton
-The sidechain function do not send sound thru A4 tracks

If I choose the A4 as main soundcard =
-Sequencer will run following play in Live
-sound will go thru the choosen tracks
-midi connection still not appear (but no prob with this here)

Is this possible to have sidechain function without having the A4 as main soundcard ? (seems really important for composing…)

Analog MkI 1.36v2 / Last Ob Version .21 / …

:helicopter: help