Ableton Live 12

My brain always reads that as Nigel


Reading/watching/looking. With the latest devs in other DAWs, this needs to be big.

Edit: Just checked and my upgrade price is £143. Not bad.

Will report back, but thank heck they’ve added preset browsing by character etc.


Seems more like a traditional mature product upgrade, mostly QOL features, which is not so bad and what I expected.

Also, I really like Ableton puts efforts into this kind of things which, as a developer, I know can be very costly, but don’t bring a lot of cash in, but it’s just the right thing to do:


My pre-order notice says early 2024.


I’ve gone ahead and preordered. For years I had shied away from the Suite library as found it all a little unwieldy but the new search/tag/sound match stuff looks great. And I really like the look of the scale implementation and some of the creative midi stuff in the demo videos.

I presume much of this will find its way into Push 3 standalone too - well, I would surely hope so anyway - which makes for a pretty exciting update IMO

Joined the Live 12 beta waiting list. Hopefully get in on the action soon enough to start testing things out.


does pre-ordering mean paying the funds up front or can you pre-order and have a change of heart without any chasing refunds etc ?

not sure it’s calling me, but might follow the detailed explanations of some new bits in slow time to make an informed call, the pre-paying aspect might determine if I look properly at the details

Looks like the pre-order is just about the price reduction.

You could get the beta if:

„Our Live 12 Beta version is available to all owners of Live 9, 10 and 11 Standard and Suite.“

Says Pre-Orded now and pay when released for me…

not sure it’s calling me either, there are great ui improvements of course, and the midi generators looks very nice, but not sure I really need all of that…


You don’t pay anything until Live 12 is released. I presume you could cancel and change your mind.

Beta access is separate to any purchase from what I understand.


On my account I see that the pre-order upgrade to 12 suite costs €159. But if I would buy Push (which is now at a 20% discount) the upgrade to 12 then costs €119. I think this is a good deal for those who were planning to buy Push.

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you can cancel until the payment is processed on the day of release.

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o m g… they finally made the takeover of a param (by lfo example) relative! that is massive improvement

so by the first look of it they did some overall improvements, and while they might not look too much right now (I would love to see better piano roll, selecting devices/effects from the mixer, RMS levels on the mixer), and only handful of new instruments (I do like the Roar), knowing Ableton they will probably add bunch of stuff later, so the pre order price, at least for the Suite owners, does look attractive enough to upgrade…


I have suite 11 so I think I’ll skip this one, not worth it to upgrade almost yearly. BUT, will I be able to upgrade from 11 to 13 if it’s worth it or will I have to pay the full price?

I imagine you will have some discount, but it will be relative and you won’t know how much until the option to upgrade will be available.


Ah they got ELPHNT doing their promo. Good stuff!


Good to see MIDI finally getting attention. It was never as good as Logic at that.


Nice thing, you can pre-order now and only have to pay when Live 12 is released.

“We’ll send you an email in early 2024 as soon as Live 12 is available for payment and download.”

Live 12 Pre-Order FAQ

What is the Live 12 pre-order offer?
Live 11 Intro, Standard, and Suite owners can pre-order the equivalent edition of Live 12 with a 20% discount.

For info about discounts on Live 11 licenses and upgrades, visit the Discount Campaign FAQ.

How do I sign up for the Live 12 pre-order?

  • Log in to your Ableton account and go to the Live webshop.
  • Select Pre-order Live 12 from the available upgrade options.
  • Choose a payment method and follow the checkout process.

You’ll then see a pre-order confirmation in your account.

When will Live 12 be available?
Live 12 will be released in early 2024.

Do I need to pay at the time of pre-order?
If you enter your credit card information, your card will not be authorized or charged at the time of placing the pre-order. Shortly before the Live 12 release in early 2024, you’ll be notified via the email address registered to your Ableton account that your card is being charged. When you receive this reminder, please make sure there are sufficient funds in the account you’ve provided.

Can I pre-order Live 12 through a store?
The pre-order offer is only available at, not in stores.

Can I order Push along with my pre-order for Live 12?
You can purchase Push and pre-order Live 12 at the same time. Your Push will be shipped immediately, or as soon as units are available.

Are there educational discounts for pre-orders?
Educational discounts can’t be combined with pre-order or upgrade pricing.

I own Live 11 Intro or Standard, not Suite. Can I still pre-order Live 12?
Live 11 Intro users can pre-order Live 12 Intro, Live 11 Standard users can pre-order Live 12 Standard, and Live 11 Suite users can pre-order Live 12 Suite.

If you own Live 11 Intro or Standard (including EDU licenses) and you purchase an upgrade to Live 11 Standard or Suite edition during the discount campaign, you’ll automatically receive a license for the equivalent edition of Live 12 when it’s released in early 2024.

For more info about discounts on Live 11 licenses and upgrades, visit the Discount Campaign FAQ.

How will I get my Live 12 license?
When Live 12 is released, your Live 12 license will be registered automatically, and you’ll be able to download the application from your Ableton account. Due to a high volume of requests on the date of release, please allow some time for the download to be visible in your account. Thank you for your patience!

Does the offer expire?
The offer ends once Live 12 is released. If you pre-ordered Live 12, the payment link will secure your price for 14 days, after which it will expire.

Can I cancel my pre-order?
Pre-order customers will be charged for Live 12 (for credit card pre-orders) or be sent a payment link (for other payment methods) the day before Live 12 is released. Until payment is processed, you can cancel your pre-order at any time without being charged. To cancel, contact Support via the Support contact form.

What is the refund policy for the Live 12 pre-order?
Once your payment has been processed and/or once Live 12 has been successfully authorized on your computer, the standard Ableton refund policy applies to your purchase of Live 12.

I’m on a strict odd-number-only buying pattern. It started with Live 5, then 7, then 9, currently 11. I believe, in my sick and twisted mind, that I am getting a better skrilla to fire ratio this way.

But I must confess, maths and economics are not how I butter my bread nor jelly my biscuits.


I used to be able to achieve so much more in a daw than a groovebox that Live made absolute sense. Nowadays groovebox workstations like the M+ are so fast, polished and capable that I don’t think I need a daw anymore. Live is certainly nice to have, but it isn’t a necessity anymore.

The regular upgrades tax is too pricey for occasional use, even with the discounts, so I will probably stick with 11 Suite until it’s unsupported. By which time, workstations will have improved even further.