A4mk1 with USB Midi Keyboard

Hi elektronauts !

I’m Stef, 46, from France, and new here.
This is my first post.

Few weeks ago, i bought a used a4mkI. My first steps in electronic music !
And i have to say, I do love my new toy :grin:

My question is : Can I use an Akaï LPK 25 keyboard on the A4 ?
LPK 25 has only a usb connexion.
I’ve bought it too quickly yesterday, as a newbie, and then realized it was VERY small as keyboard… With only 1 usb. Nothing else.

So, before i send the lpk back to the shop, I prefer to ask you…

Thank you, and have a good elektronik day !

If a usb midi controller is class compliant (i.e. doens’t needs a driver to work) you can use an usb host to midi converter.
Kenton USB Midi Host is good, there are cheaper alternatives, though.
Some midi interfaces like the Iconnectivity Mio/Midi+ have that functionality built in.

IIRC the Akai LPK 25 is class compliant, so that should work with an usb host to midi converter.

You could also route the LPK 25 through your computer with a DAW using a regular midi interface/audio interface with midi in/out, but that would introduce latency, so not the best solution.

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A computer with two usb ports could serve as a host to both (as a e.g. cheap raspberry pi could too if you had one) you just need software to connect them. No additional hardware needed, but if it’s an option explore swapping the akai for a product with a MIDI DIN facility, even by breakout adaptor, maybe something from arturia. There are a few threads on MIDI hosts

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Good morning guys,

And thank you for the help.
As I wasn’t very SURE about the fact that LPK could work correctly with the A4, I decided to swap it at the shop before cooking with it at home :slight_smile:

I ordered an Arturia Keystep, which seems to have more connectics.
It’s a good thing to buy stuff in a shop instead of internet. Good sellers, good advices, good services.

Well… I think I’ll be back over here quite soon as I’m discovering the A4.

Have a good day, and thank you again ! :slight_smile:


Handy thing about Keystep as a controller is that it is super flexible going forward for you. You can even sync it via CV from A4 leaving your MIDI out ports free and it is real easy to change channels which you may need to do from time to time - it offers a lot and you can also benefit from the aftertouch and better modwheel/pitchbend than the previous smaller keys you bought. It’s a good value safe choice


i would go for this…, this is future-proof

Indeed, if expending the setup with 2 other pieces :+1: