A4 Voice Patch Pack[Free]



Previously, this patch pack was paid, but I decided to distribute it for free.

A4 Voice Patch Pack[Free]

These patches are human voice sounds simulating vowels(A,I,U,E,O).
It is recommended that you play with a keyboard with aftertouch.

Including(39 sounds)

  • 39 sound Patches(template sounds-5, Various voice sounds[Bass,Lead, Pad]-34)

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VP-330 human voice emulation?

Holy cow! That female one sounds really hard to image coming from the A4! I’m always excited to hear the material of your sound packs, sir!


Wow I’ll be getting this!

I don’t use a keyboard with aftertouch. Is there a way for me to simulate aftertouch with a4 programming?


Nicely done!


You can do it with the modulation wheel/pitch bend.
If you play with A4 alone, use the performance mode.


I added six sounds to A4 Voice Patch Pack.
People who purchase this patch pack can download it for free.


Brilliant additions, sir!


If the LFO becomes faster, I will make more sound patches.


thanxxx!! great work!!


I am using the function of Offer Code experimentally.
If you enter the code, it is a 1 dollar discount.

Offer code: test

Until February 23


Bought ! :slight_smile:



Thank you!! :grin: @sezare56


I have to say I made some tests with formants frequencies with OT and A4 before you made your Voice Patch. And you made these after FM Drums !
After your release…Ok, You know !
Thanks again for your work in making synths more acoustic / human voice !


The difference in how to make Human Voice Sounds of A4 and OT is oscillator sync.

I made human voice patches with reference to this article.

A popular technique was to turn oscillator sync on and use ADSR to apply FM to VCO2. If oscillator sync is being applied, you don’t need to use a tuner to set the VCO2 COARSE position. VCO2 is functioning as an overtone, so you can move it freely. The trick is that it has to be at a higher pitch than VCO1 when applying modulation. This will produce a more sparkling effect. Set the ADSR to a fairly low sustain and a long decay. Once you hear this sound, you’ll understand for yourself the originality of the ARP Odyssey, and how it took an entirely different path than its rival models. Depending on the settings, it’s possible to create sounds that are as expressive as a human voice, letting the instrument behave like a living creature.

Ryota Hayashida (2015)Arp Odyssey-TUTORIAL: VCO


I distribute A4 Voice Patch Pack for free.
Download from Reverb.com.


Pack 05 immediately made me think of the start of this track…



Certainly similar :open_mouth: