A4 Tracks Muting via MIDI

Hello there!
Can’t find it mentioned anywhere, so:
Is it possible to mute tracks in pattern on A4 via midi CC?
Or a note?
The thing is - when i load next pattern via Maschine (sending midi note) - i want next kit to be loaded and, for example, tracks 2 & 6 to be muted, so i can unmute them later.
Hope the question is clear)

Thanks in advance)

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yeah mutes via CC & NRPN were added in the 1.1 OS.

see the release notes for details…

A4 Track mutes (for searches)


Thanks so much!

Thanks! It seems to work for the Mute On. But Mute Off (value 0) also seems to be interpreted as Mute On. So it is a bit one-way.
Also, I don’t seem to find this in the manual.
Any suggestions?

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Forget it, it seems to be some kind of bug in Logic. Still investigating, but for the time being ignore this, my problem seems to be irrelevant for A4. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

this works! but, i can’t find this in the latest manual. have tried searching

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where are all the other added CC’s. is there one for track level (not amp level)?


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This doesn’t appear to work with Octatrack P-Locks. Only manual control?

OT only sends CC’s if the value of the CC plock is different from the last value the OT sent for that particular CC. Makes sense to limit midi bandwidth in most cases like filter cutoff or something, no reason to send the cutoff value again the same value was already sent by a previous trig…

What messes things up (in a basic midi setup) is changing the parameters on the device being controlled. If you have the OT send a CC to mute a track but then afterword you unmute the track using the connected devices controls, when the OT sequencer hits that trig again it won’t send the CC to mute the track because from its point of view it was the last CC value sent and doesn’t need to be updated…


I have, on my track, two trigs 1 for 0, another for 127. Neither work to affect my track- only manually turning the knob switches tracks on or off

Well that just weird then… Two different CC value plocks on the same track should get sent every time and should work fine for mute/unmute. The midi tracks not muted, right? Maybe try 0 and 1…


You know, the track being muted is a small enough detail to have over looked. Let me check

Edit: DING DING DING! We have a winner! Thank you, dear Patron Saint of the Octatrack!


Haha… Nice!
CC knobs still work on muted midi tracks…