A4 MkII not receiving polyphonic MIDI data

Sorry, this is a super noob question, my A4 MkII just arrived. It’s only receiving mono data over MIDI, from both the Keystep and Digitakt (but playing poly just fine on its own little keyboard). What am I missing? I have track 1 of the A4 receiving on MIDI ch. 1, and tracks 2-4 all receiving on MIDI ch. 2. Thanks!

problem solved. I had to go into global settings and change “Global Slot” to the channel that I want to receive polyphonic data on (in my case, I’m using MIDI ch. 1 to play a bass sound, and ch. 2 to play three-voice chords). I totally discovered this by accident. I’m a happy camper now: I can sequence a bass sound on the A4 using one MIDI track of the Digitakt sent to A4 track 1, and at the same time sequence a three-voice chord–using a different sound–on a different MIDI track of the Digitakt, sent to A4 tracks 2-4 via a different MIDI channel. I can also now play polyphonic chords on the A4 using the Keystep.

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