A4 MK1 + TR8s // Live Techno


Audio is straight unprocessed recording from TR8S stereo output.
A4 is routed to TR8S as ext in.
TR8S does some processing to the A4 on the master.

The effects in TR8S really spices things up on a dawless setup. I was impressed by the sound it can achieve (compressor and distortion effect).

Let me know what you think


Nice and gritty! How do you feel about using fx on TR-8S - is it a menu-diving experience, or fairly quick and painless?


it’s that 4am / 5am vibe, nice.


Coming from TR8, my first thought with the TR8S was “wow, they really went full elektron”.
But after a while i realized, that Roland Aira guys layed everything out very smart.

Menu is only necessary when you are programming a kit.
Once your kit is ready and saved, all the panel becomes a hands on instrument with no menu diving.

Considering the amount of features they had to pack, the panel is very minimalistic and easy to get around to.
To make it less menu-diving, more buttons and knobs would have to be added which would make it bigger in size. I think current size is perfect.


Yeah, this is nice. I’ve been doing the same with a Monomachine into the TR-8S. The sidechain compressor is really effective and the reverb and delay especially is pretty solid. Analog Heat on the combined output and the whole thing sounds surprisingly good quite quickly.


Nice and grungy. Did you use any sidechain compression on the A4?


Ah sorry for my absence.

I remember playing with the sidechain on this kit, but i don’t recall if i kept it enabled.
I think some slight sidechain is happening here :slight_smile: