A4 librarian?

Had my A4 for a while thought it was time to organise The presets.
Is there an easier way to do this with an editor?
Overbridge doesn’t really help and can’t preview or move presets.

On the A4 if you move presets to different banks it leaves gaps
and can’t seem to be able to just move them around.
I’m moving them to another bank to get them to fill the gaps it’s a long process.
Is there easier ways of doing this? Cheers Dan


I would like to know this as well.

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I’m still struggling with this…

I hope they can add more functionality to overbridge
: preview, move, rename and tag presets

it’s so much work to organise the presets!

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Yup, Elektron preset/kit/pattern management is a chore.

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I spent 2 days to reorganise and retag the presets, it was a ton of work, but I got a lot better working with presets in the process at least

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Having just bought my A4, one of the first things I did was upload a bunch of sound packs. Then I deleted them all and spent some time organizing them (putting all the bass packs together on one bank, all the drums in another, etc…). I wish Overbridge did this, but I had an easier time doing it on the machine manually vs trying to figure out whatever OB was suppose to be doing.

I also learned pretty quickly to save my patches, fast, and tag them appropriately. I just wish I could add tags…

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