A4 GLITCH - sudden global pitch shift along with audible pop/crack ?!?!

  • 2-week old Analog Four
  • Mac OS X El Capitan
  • Overbridge running in Ableton

All of a sudden while working today with everything running through Overbridge, the A4 audio “pop/clicked” and basically a global pitch shift happened causing the whole tuning of the A4 to quickly bend up about a whole step and then slowly release back in tune. THIS WAS NOT INTENDED and there was nothing programmed or pressed to cause this.

Has anyone heard of this happening? It was like the oscillators bugged out and changed my whole global pitch settings. It has continued to happen randomly about 4 times since the first one earlier today.

Any input or leads in the right direction is appreciated. I’m actually going to go hook up without OB and see if it happens again, maybe I can narrow down the cause. I’ll post up results shortly, until then, lmk what you guys think … THANKS

Issue with my Akeys - should I try calibration?

I have pops and fast tune changes, due to soundlocks and / or Multi Track sound changes, playing drums and synths.
I think this is a normal behaviour for an analog gear, and I find it incredibly responding, so I apologize imperfections.


(mod note: moved from A4 section to Overbridge section, as this is OB specific)


Ok I missed some points including overbridge. I don’t use it so I can’t tell and I didn’t have that weirds behavior except a freeze, but I was changing patterns fast with Multi Map and tweakink Perfs…


I am leaning towards it being an OB issue, however I haven’t yet ruled out the possibility of it happening due to an error inside the actual A4 unit. Need to play with it more tomorrow and see if it happens running w/o OB. It did sound like an analog circuit mishap rather than link/connection issue, but can’t be certain yet.


I could see this happening given something like that, but I wasn’t even working on anything in the sequencer, just had built a sound and was playing around on the built-in keyboard. No trig locks or automation were programmed in. I do think it seemed to happen once when two tracks were playing and both oscillators detuned and came back in sync together.


Chances are, unless you hear the pop/click out of the analog outputs, especially if it’s of the digital glitch sort, then the issue is specific to OB.


I would start with a re-calibration (Global Menu)

This calibrates the oscillators, pulse widths and filters.


seemed to have alleviated the problem by adjusting Buffer and Margin settings inside the OB plugin … seems to be running smooth now, still weary so will test for a few more hours to be sure !! also just installed OB on my laptop and will test integrity through that system as well (better safe than sorry) … thanks for all the input, will keep you posted with further results!!


Similar problem here, with buffer and margin values to the maximum…

cpu (ableton meter) peaking at 30%

2.7 GHz i5
8gb ram



Same here!!

  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014)
  • Mac OS X El Capitan
  • Overbridge running in Ableton

Playing the project fine in Ableton until the pop/click in audio causing clock to get out of sync for a second messing up the time and also the pitch of the audio coming from the Analog 4. The pitch and sync slowly gets back in in place and everything plays ok for couple of minutes until it happens again completely random.

It also happens on 2 different machines. My partners started to experience the same thing on his MB Pro with El Capitan, which he updated recently.

At this point Overbridge is unusable for me. :frowning2:


I’ve certainly experienced this momentary pitch-drop glitch - for maybe a second or two, equates to about a semitone - happening in a very lightly loaded scenario, is otherwise quite stable


Hey, had the same problem. I wrote the support and they recommended to install Sierra. After that i deinstalled overbridge and installed it again. For now it seems to be fine. Hope it helps!



I can confirm the same problem infrequently in Sierra. I upgraded from El Cap to Sierra shortly after getting the A4. Definitely happens much less frequently in Sierra as opposed to El Cap. I’ve yet to tweak the buffer and margin settings in OB.


Did you reeinstalled OB after updating to Sierra? It was the same by me after installling Sierra i had less problems but it was not perfect. After reeinstalling OB alll problems was solved… Hope you guys have luck!


Uninstalling and reinstalling Overbridge seems to fix the issue. Didn’t have a drop in shift and temp for the whole session.
Obviously something happens when updating OS X, since this kind of behaviour started to occur on my partners machine also as soon as he updated OS X, and not from El Cap to Sierra, but just an incremental update for El Cap.

Elektron should look into this and maybe even suggest reinstalling Overbridge everytime when OS X update happens.

Thanks @Das_Britzel for the help!


You are welcome! :slight_smile:

But very interesting that it works for your partner with El Captain. I had no luck with reeinstalling OB under El Captain.