A4 Feature Requests


Please decrease DinSync latency, it is currently about 13ms.
Please decrease MIDI Clock latency, it is currently about 33ms.
Also MIDI Clock and DinSync should not be out of sync. There is about 20ms between them.


Without context, this statement means very little i’d say … it suggests that there’s be some issue with all syncing operations which is obviously not the case

put it this way … at 100BPM the MIDI clock is sent at an interval of 25ms (the internal sequencer resolution is 4 times greater at 96ppqn)

so how do you specify latency for a stream of data coming along every 25ms (100bpm) … esp when 25 is less than 33 ?

Is the midi clock at the A4 DIN output not generally in good shape ?


I read your other posts and a major factor of your issue that you didn’t mention is that you are using overbridge for sync from ableton…

This setup has many more possible layers to deal with for latency:
-audio interface specs
-DAW sample rate
-DAW buffer size
-Any other possible latency affecting settings from DAW
-OB buffer size
-OB buffer margin

Oh, I see you have a discrepancy between midi and din sync, I’m not sure how to account for that but I’d mess with all the above settings and see if they get lower and closer to each other…


Ok, just because it hasn’t been mentioned in the last 10 posts - individual track multipliers damnit!

Is there any hope, seeing as the Octatrack got the killer A4 feature (conditional trigs), that we can get this one Octatrack feature for the A4. It’d be great on the Rytm too, but conditional trigs and fill makes more sense there. Evolving pads on the A4 is a pain when you need to try and reverse engineer them through the arpegiator.


I prefer to use plockable Ot’s arp to control A4, even if I don’t do it all the time. :wink:


Here he is. Boasting again.

A4 mk2, recording arps

Boasting ?

talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one’s achievements, possessions, or abilities.

I prefer to use Ot’s arp instead of deceiving A4’s.
You really think I’m excessively proud of it ?


You’re just going to make be buy an Octatrack again :smile:


I request that Elektron make an Analog 8.


Thnx guys for your comments. I was trying to avoid a long message but my message became vague, sorry.

I have realized that, if you have overbridge in your session, it adds a big latency to audio input from your main audio interface. I was really not expecting this so it took a while to realize what was really going on.

I have an RME HDSPe MADI FX running at 48kHz with 32 samples buffer size, reportedly giving an input latency of 1.42 ms. When I send MIDI note from Ableton to A4 (without overbridge) and record main audio out from A4 with RME, the real input latency I get is 7ms. This seems normal since there is RME MIDI interface out latency, A4 MIDI in latency then RME Audio in latency.

When I just add an overbridge into this session, not sending MIDI notes through it and not recording audio from it (overbridge buffer: 64, buffer safety margin: 25), so supposedly when its just sitting there doing nothing, the real input latency I get from RME Audio in becomes 30ms. So overbridge adds about 30 - 7 = 23ms latency to my system.

This is ridiculously disappointing. I really don’t care about recording audio through overbridge, it’s main use for me is as a Sync source for DinSync and MIDI clock. You see, I’m already fine with my audio interfaces. I have four Apogee AD-16x connected to RME ADI-648 giving 64ch analog in over MADI. I also have an SSL AlphaLink MADI AX which has 24 additional analog ins and 3 additional ADAT ports which 2 of them I utilize with additional A2D converters, so with SSL I get 40 additional analog inputs over the second MADI channel. I have usable 104 analog in channels. This is all in addition to multiple analog outs for which I use for external analog FX gear. I have many vintage and modern analog gear and I can run all of these in Ableton under a couple of miliseconds.

Now when I add overbridge, it adds an unacceptable amount of latency when recording Audio into Ableton.
So it becomes irrelevant if it has perfect Sync to Ableton because input from main audio interface becomes late.

At this point overbridge serves no purpose for me at all, and even worse it screws up your whole studio setup in Ableton. I was allured by it’s perfect sync to Ableton feature as advertised however it still needs an update.

Now I guess, the easiest solution would be to run overbridge in a no-audio mode. The problem with overbridge now is that you lose the MIDI and Sync functionality when you uncheck all audio INs and OUTs from the Overbridge Control Panel. Overbridge needs to be updated to be able to function just as a MIDI+Sync device between Ableton and A4 MIDI/DinSync outs when required so it’s audio transfer feature would not screw-up input from main audio interface.

So to put the feature request in a simpler way: Overbridge should be able to run in a mode where it’s not adding any latency to input from system audio interface. This I believe could be achieved simply adding a feature to disable overbridge audio while allowing it to keep MIDI and sync features.

I made the following video to demonstrate this problem.


Yep… :wink:


It’s an extra cpu strain but you can up your sample rate to 96000 to minimize the latency…
There’s lots of us aware of this latency, not using OB because of it, would love if it could be minimized, and also lots of us have asked for an editor only version…
That’s just how it is right now…

Edit: It’s been awhile since I tried OB but I remember turning sync off, setting the DAW to the right tempo, configuring the DAW to send transport but not clock to my master device (OT), while still having my device as the master sending transport and clock to everything else including Rytm’s din input. This way I would press play in the DAW and it would start the OT which would still be master starting everything else, bypassing OB sync but still using the plugin with Rytm. I think I did this so OT can still be master, but I’m pretty sure this had an effect on latency…


That’s totally true but I would lose half of my inputs as well. If I were using just a couple of inputs, that probably could have had a positive effect but I have more than 100 analog inputs going into Ableton.


Just to let you know, I’ve just checked again disabling all inputs and outputs from the Overbridge control panel.
I want to confirm that in that way, you can still use Overbridge just as an editor/librarian for your Elektron gear without any effect on any latency at all. That part works perfectly. But it’s not outputting MIDI Clock or DinSync in that mode.

Something even better :slight_smile: I’ve just realized that the CV/Gate out works in a no-audio no-latency setup.
I will try to configure CV/Gate ports to function as DinSync Source. If that works I will probably buy a Kenton D Sync device. It can convert DinSync to MIDI Clock with 6ms latency :slight_smile: It costs around a $100.


I’ve just found a problem with A4 CV out settings.
When you go to CV config from FN+Global and set a port from CV to gate, then go to the setting of the same port with FN+CV A (let’s consider A for now) its settings still shows up for CV even the type shows as gate now. Basically, it’s messed up.
My request is this to be fixed.

Here is a video of this problem.


There are a few long standing issues with that whole UI side imho, especially when jumping between A,B,C-D but that’s not a feature request - it’s a bug report and it won’t get actioned if left only here

You’ll have to log onto support with the customer account for your device and fill out a support ticket (attach video)


Just did thnx a lot.


in the meantime : you set 32 ms in your buffer audio and 64ms in Overbridge so first things first you don’t follow the recommended settings… it must be 64 in Ableton audio buffer as well as 64 in Overbridge.

Also i don’t know how you set up the rest…

Did your issues fixed ? (regarding Overbridge) i hope so cheers :wink:


I’d love to see musical scales implemented, changeable by pressing notes on or off on the keyboard on the fly like the addac intuitive quantizer.

and individual track lengths be modulatable, and available in the performance page.
that would be awesome. great for developing new sequences on the fly.


Feature Request for EDIT TAGS menu - would be great if there was a UNISON tag :slight_smile: