A4 deep bass tips?

Yeah, same filter setup as above, LPF127 and PK127res0, just dropped the input level as the A4 responds non linearly to the input and redid

I didn’t go all out to find the best res, but pushing it beyond half way introduces ringing quite quickly

The trouble with very high res is that it makes musical filter modulation complicated, so for me the exercise was more about learning a bit more about how the A4 works … I hadn’t quite expected the results you see when you vary filter parameters, especially on the square

Keep in mind, the AK may be different, although I thought those documented differences were further down the voice path

We’ve also gone a little bit off-topic, but for understandable reasons, this exploratory part of the thread could be split off as a discussion on filter transparency perhaps



wrt the 2 posts of waveform comparisons above, i thought it may add a bit more insight to present white noise, direct through and also through the filter, as per all the settings above … keep in mind the white noise is a moving spectrum, the relative levels fall and rise, but you can read the average to get a ballpark feel for what’s going on, it does seem that res 25 (as :3lektron: recommend) is about the closest over the full range, but to get the lower frequency levels heading towards the same as the source (relative to most of spectrum) the greater resonance boost does the trick (at the expense of the peak in the upper range)

whichever way you want to look at it, it’s clear the filter has an effect, even at the most neutral settings

as suggested above, it’s like a gentle high pass and also a bit of a low pass roll-off in the highest frequencies

the rest of the info displayed in above posts is not about trying to recover a magical shape for the source wave, but to try to understand what the filter may be doing - the added resonance doesn’t fix things per se

I’m increasingly wondering if the AK and new Mkii A4 are addressing this particular aspect of the filter (or possibly more parts of each voice circuit)

LPF Max Freq (variable res) & Variable FIlter set as Peak, Max Freq, Min Res

white noise source (Nord Modular) via Ext In

:elan: resonance 0

:elan: resonance 25

:elan: resonance 64


Been meaning to try some of these tips, finally got to it.
Tried Area303’s settings, then murkey’s tips.
I made a few tweaks and came up with this.

Tun -12
Lev 80
PW 0

F1 17
Res 0
Ovr +19
Trk 0
Dep 0

F2 31
Res 50
Typ LP2
Trk 30
Dep 0

Atk 1
Dec 127
Sus 127
Rel 7
Shp 1

Match AMP

If you’re like me and you still enjoy that old school sub wobble,
turn the Vibrato speed around 40, and the the VIB to 40-70 range

If you like a long sustained sub bass tweak the amp and flt env.
Turn both SUS to 0, and crank the REL to something like 90

Great thread!


Hello, you probably forgot to put a Number before the ZERO on the DEP on the filter page. Well I think ?

No depth on any envelopes, just key tracking on FLT2

This thread :+1:

Hey my contrib :slight_smile:

Play : Play Beetween F2-B2 (MY PREFERENCE FOR G#)

FILTER : CUT 8 - RES 48 - DEP 30 - OVR 30
FILTER2 : CUT 41 - RES 12 
AMP : ATK 2 - DEC 64 - SUS 32 - REL 64 - ENV 3 - REV 20
ENVF : ATK 1 - DEC 60 - SUS 56 - RES - ENV 3
LFO1 : SPD 32 - Y1K - FAD 47 - DST FM2
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love it! thanks

Soooo…MK2…whats now better in the Bass Department? Is it now easier to dial in satisfying bass or does it still need precise settings? Wider sweet spot i guess?

Nevermind, found the answers myself Here: Analog Four MKII out now!


Before MK2, I use a BeyerDynamics Custom Pro with my A4 MK1 on the road with it’s Fourth position on the EQ system so I can design comfortably a Bass… when coming back to the studio I know exactly because of the EQ specifications what do I have to make to get the Bass I designed with an EQ in DAW or Mixer

4_Heavy Bass

Now with MK2 I can get what I want in Vibrant Bass mode (but I could put it to Linear without any doubt)
Also I would say YES it is now easier … I’m satisfied as hell and I can tell you I’m very exigeant to the LOW END of the spectrum… I designed this morning for the LOWEND101 pack (will be offered here for free on Elektronauts for this end the year) a REESE BASS and i can tell you i am way more than happy with the results i get.


Do you describe bass enhancement in MK2 as boost before 200hz?
I never complained about bass volume, but I miss coherent filters behavior and I miss transparency when audio go thru filter (sort of impossibility to get dry signal).

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No I just said i using for my personal comfort when designing bass on the road a headphone with 4 different EQ position where the last one is Huge +10dB from 0 to 120hZ … and i was ok for Bass design on the Mark 1… and said with mark 2 I don’t need this crazy EQ to design Bass comfortably…

I would not describe as a EQ Boost it’s sounds more like fine adjustment for more deepness into the sound in the low register and also the Overdrive works better accordingly.


Tbh, I’ve given up using AK and A4 for trying to get the bass I’m after. It’s too much work, trying to find the sweet-spot.

I can get close, using a saw on OSC2, with a sub and the phase reset (for rolling 16th style bass). …but, I don’t think it’s possible to dial down the sub level (please correct me if I’m wrong), to bring the saw further out in the mix. The envelopes don’t seem to be working for me either, to get the right attack for amp or filter.

I’m finding it better, to drive a Minitaur from the OT sequencer (especially since the recent sequencer updates). The sweet-spot on the Minitaur is so wide, it’s difficult to dial up something which sounds bad.

I’m also considering either a second Minitaur, or a Pulse 2 at some point.

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at elektron they could also consider sharing some details on how to improve the ladder filter or how to bypass it, at least publish part of the circuit. is it a military secret?

Summarising the thread, the filters degrade the sound.

Not if you change oil and filters every year.



Possible with hipass filter, it you set it’s frequency at root note (F2=53 with regular tune settings) with keytrack.
Also possible to increase root note level with resonance.


That’s a work-around though, using a filter.