A4 bass vs AK bass


I scanned the forums for this first, but failed to find what I was looking for. Like God tested his own people by a 40 year long desert walk, Eektronauts are being tested by its search engine.

I’m considering throwing out all my oscillators with the water and replace them with just an A4, or an AKeys, except for the Minitaur (which has some relevance to my question that’s about to follow).

I’ve read somewhere that the AKeys is more geared towards bass than the A4.

Does that imply some hardware difference between the two in regards to the oscillators, or is it just that the AKeys default patches have a few low-end versions in there that you don’t get in the A4? Sounds, I can affect. Hardware, I cannot, though.

And even if that’s the case, with a Minitaur around, perhaps this doesn’t matter?

back in the days the A4 had a slightly different OS than the AK … now they are the same, and shall produce the same frequencies

Great, thanks. A4 it is then, if I go ahead with this. Gonna see what this Reface thing is first, from Yamaha.

Wait what ???

Can someone politely verify this ?

I thought when they released that info they said the KEYS would always have the Mo Betta BASS

I want to buy one, and I want the Bass *

Frm what I’ve read I think it’s a hardware difference. I have both and I didn’t notice a difference between them. Both are exellent for basses, but I haven’t compared them by using the same sound in both units.

I am pretty sure Simon from HQ said this on this forum here, maybe was another HQ guy… I wont bother using the search function in this forum …

I am kinda definitely sure about that, since the bass thing had been such a BIG issue on this forum for so long, till HQ made a statement…

but off course confirmation would be awesome, same goes for proving me wrong ; -P

OI used to have both but sold my ak
Maybe there is a difference in sound, but i couldn’t hear it. There are 2 differences, i think. #1: the ak is easier to play, so creation of patterns can be more intuïtieve
#2: A4 is smaller , so easier to take with you and to have it on stage

There is a difference, that is true.
However, it’s not a huge difference.

I have made a few examples for you:

Note that all Analog Fours and Keys won’t sound the same since they are … analog. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I wasn’t expecting to be able to hear a difference.
Kind of thought it was marketing BS around the time of AK release.
But I can.

It is especially noticeable in the AK Raw and AF Raw samples.
I think it is most noticeable at the 3rd note in this sample. Just a generally fatter bottom.

ahhh, so it has got a difference. cheers si for the clarification…

wow the difference isn’t that small actually.
what is it exactly ? the osc`s or the filters or something else entirely?
can i send my a4 in and you guys give it the mo bass treatment ? :slight_smile:

How long has it taken you guys to actually say that?
You mention in the marketing, then ignore the big threads on the issue.
:confused: :zonked: :sleepy:

I compared both briefly before upgrading to the Keys. As the examples probably show, the osc’s with open filter sounded different. The AK has a little more low end. Filter one sounded the same. But filter 2 sounded slightly better, with a more rounded tone.

As Simon says, it isn’t a huge difference. Also, the audible difference is patch dependant.

Here I go, thinking I’m opening a subject already well covered. Turns out I was wrong :slight_smile:

Holy crap, to me that difference is huge! It’s not the bottom end alone, but it sounds fuller, broader in the lower frequency range, where the A4 tends to thin out quite a bit.

Not that I don’t get good results with the A4 but the AK sounds way more pleasing in this direct comparison.

We need an A4 MKII right now, or factory Upgrade also with added single voice-outs!!!111oneeleven :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously WTF!

When the Analog Keys came out, the Elektron FAQ at that time stated that there was a small hardware difference between the AF and AK. There was a direct quote from the FAQ:

“The Analog Keys uses the same means of analog sound generation as the Analog Four, but features circuits fine-tuned for delivering deep bass.”

followed by some discussion on this thread about the differences, with commentary and insight from Jon of Elektron.

Until now, most commenters on the subject have said that the differences between the two units when playing the same patches and sequences are barely noticeable.

This is a separate issue from the AF/AK firmware update (1.1) that was installed on the AK when it first shipped and which enabled greater resonance on the ladder filter on both AK and AF.

I don’t believe it will, at all.

I don’t believe it will, at all.
Nah, I think you’re right. The Minitaur is just perfectly calibrated for those low end tones. You don’t have to EQ or trim it in any way, if you record it right. It just works, right away.

I don’t believe it will, at all.
Nah, I think you’re right. The Minitaur is just perfectly calibrated for those low end tones. You don’t have to EQ or trim it in any way, if you record it right. It just works, right away.[/quote]
Yep, and A4 or AK are great sequencers for it.
Either way, way to rattle the hive!

I fear this isn’t just about the low end, mid and higher registers seem to benefit a lot from the enhanced circuitry. I’d love to directly A/B some of my patterns and kits on both machines.