A4 as a filter bank?


I’m trying use my A4 to filter audio I’m sending to its inputs but I’m having trouble getting good results. It seems that even if I have the filters all the way open most of the bass is missing. This is also happening when I just run the audio through the FX track, which I believe bypasses the filters completely…

This is frustrating because I was hoping use the A4 as an analog filter bank to route the cue’s of my OT too. This works great as long as I don’t want to filter any bass…

Any tips on using the audio inputs in general would be awesome, thanks!


Hello DB,
I run my machinedrum main out into the A4.
When I run the audio signal into the FX track, I have no degradation of sound. It’s a very clean output, and I might add just a touch of the reverb to it to round the sound a little. I find the sound quality when doing this is exceptional. The only thing I had to do was adjust the volume, as it actually boosts the signal volume. So… I might set the volume to 80 on the FX track to keep the levels consistent with what they were when I send the MDUW signal straight into my audio interface.
I also tried using tracks 1 & 2 to process the MDUW with filters, and like you, I found the signal quality was degraded to much. With the filters completely open, I just found the sound was cheapened. I used the overdrive, various filters etc… and it would have been great if I wanted to make glitchy stuff, but that’s just not the sounds I’m going for, so… I eventually abandoned this. I just send the signal to the FX track, and I’m very happy with the quality of sound:)
L8r man,


yeah, the MD with the A4 FX sounds nice!

I really like using the filter with it. I agree that sounds put through the filter can get messed up quickly though.

So I usually filter to taste, and mix this with the dry signal (FX track).

I think this is damn lush for coloring up the sound, e.g. you can go mad with filter p-locks, modulations, polyrhythms on the filter track, and still have fine control over it.


At this moment in my life i run digitakt drums through a4 mkii filters/overdrive in track 1 & 2( it’s stereo). DT sound gets a nice analog flavour and crispy edge. I really like it. Kick drums and bass sounds will lose their low end but i make those sounds with other gear. Nice feature to have in this synth.


Where is resonance? The manual says the flat frequency response is when res is 25 for the 4 pole. Highs and lows are rolled off below that.


What do you mean by that?
Of course if you increase RES from 25 value you’ll get resonance, dealing with Overdrive too.
Btw I wonder if theorical flat setting is 25 for Filter 2 too.


Apologies-I meant what value was it set to. Not sure about the answer to your question.


IIRC F2 is flatter with 20 on MKI, not sure.