A4/AK key and trigger/seq pitch different?

Hi Guys,

I recently bought myself an secondhand AK, really impressed with the capabilities but each time I try to play something in live record mode the relative playback pitch is different. I then have to repitch the trigs by hand. Any idea’s what the problem might be

Regards Nigel

Look a few inches below the Master Volume knob for the “Transpose” button. Is it dimly lit?


Jup, hèhè problem resolved!


Hello Everybody,

sorry if this has been covered before I didn’t find a topic about it. I just want to know if this is somehow my fault or there is an issue with the unit or the beta software (probably the later because I didn’t encounter this in the past). My problem is, that every key I push during recording a sequence on the built-in keyboard gets shifted 2 semitones up. So if I press C during recording it will play a D instead during playback, although if I check the step it writes C. This doesn’t happen if I drive it with a Midi or from Overbridge. Here is a video of the phenomenon:


you have the Transpose button illuminated ! That transposes sequences

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track transposed? just a quick quess

Oh, I am sorry :smiley: Thanks guys