A Trip to South Korea... any recommendations?


Hello everyone!

This weekend I’ll be going to South Korea for a quick getaway.

I never hear anything about this country synth wise but I’m looking for suggestions… shops to go to… synth bars… and anything music related.

Any pointers appreciated!


North Korea is bad news, just don’t bother, there’s nothing to do.


Street food!!!




Itaewon is where lots of foreigners meet in Seoul, for bars and clubbing. It’s ok but there are lots of nicer areas to see. Check out Cheongdam for its architecture or Insa-dong for more historical views. Also Hongdae contains lots of hip bars and restaurants. It’s such a huge city and fun to explore!

You’ve got to eat Jajamyeon, especially at 4/5 AM after a long party. That’s when it’s the best

Parc is a great restaurant https://www.parcseoul.com



And don’t forget to watch park chan wook " Old boy " and Kim ki duk " The Island " …


The Host, Memories of Murder, Mother, Parasite, Train to Busan, Lady Vengeance, The Handmaiden, Burning. The best cinema hands down.

You might not go there to see movies though. Buy the Seoul Edition of B Mag. You’ll find a lot of good addresses for food, shopping, nightlife and co. http://magazine-b.com/en/seoul-ver-2/



Where is S Korea will you be?


Awesome guys! Thank you very much one and all!

Street food is something dearly miss. I lived in Thailand for a year and a half before moving to Japan. I went from the best street food on the planet to …well…zero. The wife and I are massive foodies so we can’t wait! Mark Weins is there now (or was last week) and doing some great videos as always.

We will be in Seoul. Arriving mid afternoon and flying back to Japan at 8am Monday morning. We are planning on markets and street food till late so if you are about @Kingtiers then give us a shout! My wife’s friend and her husband will be there too… the more the merrier I say!

Thanks again to everyone for all of the suggestions. I’ll bring my mic to record OT fodder too.

On a last note, I did come across a synth shop. https://ringoshop.kr/product/category/instruments/synthesizer/
Their online store says they pretty much have everything. I’d love to have a noodle in Deckard’s Dream.


Duuuuuuuude!!! Wow! These places look awesome!!! Thank you soooo much!


I used to live in S Korea but I’m in the States now. I was in Gwangju but spent plenty of time in Seoul. Have fun!


If you are in Seoul then visit the Nagwon Instrument Arcade
There’s levels with instrument shops for like guitar, drums, keyboards/synths etc. But where the real wonderment is the level(s?) where it’s little ‘booth-like’ shops that are owned by individuals specialising in really specific things. There are a few that’s 80s synths (maybe fixing them?) thats just chocca full of old classics and ones that make/fix speakers thats just a tiny booth filled with speaker parts and speakers.
Definitely worth a visit. Pretty cool that it sits across a road too.

I had my Zoom field recorder with me in Seoul and got a lot of great audio. Got some cool stuff in Nagwon too - people practicing/checking out guitars and talking. Lots of street chatter and beats walking past stores.

Seoul is such a beautiful and clean city. People are very friendly. Shopping is awesome, food is amazing. Subway is the cleanest subway i’ve ever seen lol!


Cakeshop club in itaewon. Cool techno club. Saw Boysnoize there


Been to Seoul several times, and every time was awesome. I’ll join in and agree that the people are wonderful.

Just standing and looking at a subway map for a minute, invariably some nice random person would come up and ask if I needed help.

Or the lady who owned a coffee shop just sitting down with me in my booth and telling me stories about the area.

Or a hotel concierge calling a car for me, then coming outside to stand with me and chat while I waited.

For the most part, everyone was so polite!

Coming from Los Angeles, it was so refreshing.

Plus, I couldn’t find a bad meal if I tried.


People are super friendly and service is second to none. You’ll find Japan the same.
If buying things you can also barter the cost. Check out shops like opticians in the underpass shop arcades, they’ll do designer (real) frames and get the lenses the next day for a fraction of the cost you’d pay in the UK/US etc.

Never had a bad meal their either although did go to a seafood place where we were sat beside a fishtank that was full of different types of seafood - literally layers and layers of shellfish, crabs, octopus etc all bundled on top of each other with the ones at the bottom looking crushed and helpless. Made me lose my appetite and didnt eat there. lol.

South Koreans massively into their fashion. Lots of high end stuff but also lots of amazing streetwear boutiques. e.g BLUFF


Ghetto Alive, an experimental performance and art space in Seoul (avant-garde jazz, free improv, etc.)


Checked it out. Only on Fridays. Shame… right up my street that is!