A looper with the DN

Anyone using a looper together with the Digitone?
Which and how have you set it up?

i used to use the Kaoss Pad 3
Plug it in as a master fx
you can record loops, maniputale loop length, fx, filter and dry wet…

Lovely to go from one song to the other.


I did this with a Rytm for a while. It’s so fun and organic to transition between tracks.

I use either a Pigtronix Infinity Looper (2 separate inputs AND MIDI’able) or my Octatrack Mk2’s pickup machines. There’s much that can be done with either of those!

About pigtronix infinity looper:
Can i tempo sync and set looplength live?
Like it picks up the tempo by MIDI
And i can REC 4 bars

Yeah, you can. The MIDI sync is really good on the Infinity. And you can record as many bars as you want, as long as the SD-card you have installed has memory available. When synced, you press a footswitch to start recording on the next measure and when you press it again it starts looping on the next measure. So you don’t have to be super precise with the timing to get perfectly synced loops.

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I’ve used the Ditto Looper x4 with the Digitone and it works great with the Midi sync. Just hook up the DT midi out to the looper’s midi in and you’re good to go.

Turn your bpm all they way down and use the delay :smiley:

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I was just messing around with delay as looper when Aksdnt posted his suggestion! It took a while to get something together though. Best thing about using delay as looper is u can replace the loop on the fly!

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I’ve been using the Strymon TimeLine for looping duties. You can hook up midi to it and fire notes across from the DN to start looping, enter overdubbing, begin playback, reverse, etc etc, all without touching the TimeLine at all. Plus, it’s the best delay on the market, so win win!

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