A few questions about the Model:Samples


I’m an ex-Octatrack user and I’m very tempted to buy the Model:Samples now that it has sample lock.
I’ve browsed through the manual and have seen several video’s but there’s some stuff I still have no answer to.

May I ask a few questions?

1/ I want to use it with Logic Pro X (synced). I noticed the Model Samples’ sequencer is quite limited compared to the Octatrack, which is fine. However, are the MIDI tracks separate from the audio tracks? So do I get 6 audio tracks + 6 separate MIDI tracks?
If not, is there a way to control stuff in Logic with the Electron rotary knobs without adjusting the samples in the Electron at the same time?

2/ Can Model Samples be master when synced? And is the clock reliable?

3/ Can you parameter lock panning? Or only global pan per track?

4/ Do the 6 velocity sensitive pads send out MIDI note on (and off)?

5/ Can you reverse samples?

6/ As on the Octatrack, is there a button combo to quickly set parameters to zero or full value? Like SHIFT+twist knob or something similar


  1. 6 tracks shared, and each one can have a separate midi channel.

  2. It can be master, not sure how reliably though.

  3. You can’t, but you can lock lfo per step and that can be sent to pan.

  4. Yes

  5. Yes, reverse and loop are both crucial to me and can be p-locked.

  6. No, but there is a way to reload the pattern from a temp save, so you can change parameters (or trigs even) and reload the pattern how it was prior.

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You can p-lock reverse? That’s amazing. I missed that on the Octatrack apparently a couple of years ago.

About the first point:
You can’t temporarily unmap/“unwire”/disconnect the knobs from the internal sampler for use with external MIDI equipment?
So basically, it’s either internal audio or external MIDI, right?

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Yes, or both at the same time. There is no turning off the knobs internal controls, no.

Okay, thank you!
I’ll probably go for it