when we say MODEL SAMPLES is a 6 track groovebox,

is it MiDi, or aUDiO?
and which ever it is, is there, or will there ever be, a way to bounce, say 5 tracks to 1?

this would take this thing to another dimension!!!

It has 6 separate tracks that internally sequences samples loaded into it. Each track can sequence external gear using MIDI as well. For instance, lets say for one of the tracks, you want to sequence an external synth, then it can do that. But, the same note’s that are going to the external synth are going to be playing the internal sample on that track as well. Which is fine if you are trying to stack sounds, but if you are doing something like a bassline on the external synth, then you would want to mute the internal track. The sequencer, both internal and external is monophonic only. You cannot tracks bounce down internally.


Nope, no resampling but that is great

so technically, its not actually audio?

It’s both MIDI AND Audio.

All 6 tracks can play back .wav samples you’ve imported.
All 6 tracks can send MIDI notes.

You can choose which tracks do what.
There is no bounce function.

Check out the free PDF manual at www.elektron.se , it is loaded with the information you need.