500 series: feedback & questions

anyone care to share your experience venturing in 500 series?

thinking about starting my expedition in 500 soon.
i know i want to start investing/bring more of the analog sound to my mostly favored digital setup. thats without question.
-and the form factor is very appealing to me…plus its easier to rearrange chains apposed to full rack modules.

any lunchbox recs? or some to stray from.

only brands i can trust based on their legacy is API of course (which i think started the 500 series), Heritage and Neve.

also, anyone know of a 500 series similar to red panda particle?

Hey there! I’ve been using 500 serie since about five years now I think (maybe 6). Here is my little station:

I use it mostly for mastering and buss processing when mixing my tracks, but also occasionaly on single tracks and for pure sound design purposes.

I find that it’s indeed an exelent format and once you got the box wich is always an hard thing to buy as it is expansive and does not make anything (a little bit like eurorack in synth world) after that modules are usualy way cheaper than the 19" rack counterpart.

Those Ruper Neve are very trustworthy, never had ANY problems since I got mine, but I can’t compare with anything tho as I never tried any other. One I would probably get nowaday would by the Black Lion Audio PBR-8 500 as it has a Bantam patch bay on the front panel.

I can also highly recommend all the Elysia products, those are superb design with great sound and probably the best knobs ever :wink:

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+1 on Elysia. Very solid stuff and if you want that immediacy of HW it’s a great thing to put on the 2-buss. I’ve run mine in an API case and a Lindell case and had smooth sailing with both.

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One thing you might want to check out, if you are interested in Elysia, is their “qube” series. I keep thinking about the karacter qube, but haven’t gone there… Yet.

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thats a nice feature to have indeed.
i also like how each channel has its own power so there isn’t any noise/power leakage.
i’ve been checking out the heritage mcm-8, which also has independent slot power and more so, the mixer summing.
yes its expensive, but maybe the sound quality will justify that.
if i get that case, i’d probably just get a couple 500$ range modules to start with, like the ssl compressors.

btw is that elysia logo led? if so thats sick.
that compact station looks strong!

Seems like a great start indeed :wink:

Yes the Elysia logo is backlit, not sure it’s with led tho.

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I have the Radial Workhorse Cube 3-slot and it’s awesome. Small but built like a tank. Paid under $300 used off eBay. I picked up the DBX 500 preamp and compressor, surprisingly good for the price and found a good priced second hand Neve 511. Having a few good preamps was a dream for so long and the 500 series made it possible.

I plan on picking up a bigger chassis down the road and fill up the Cube with the DBX adding their EQ for a full transparent channel strip on the cheap.

Good luck and let us know how you make out.

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Another +1 for Elysia from me. Amazing quality for the price, clean and modern sound with just enough character to keep it inspiring. The XPressor is one of the most versatile comps I’ve ever used.

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found a used Fredenstein Bento6 ds under 400$…the digital display with routing one.

-been trying to keep myself from an impulse buy.

i don’t think it would be full analog either.
its a sweet looker tho :eyes:

with the advice so far, now i’m torn, affordable modules
higher tier modules like the elysia

-maybe one of each to start with.
or i could go all high tier but i know that would take some time to complete my desired channel strip. (costly of course)
-i’m just very eager/motivated to start rite now.

also the more i research, the more difficult it is to make a decision on the “lunchbox” case.

anyone have any feedback with the Purple brand?
guess i’m just curious because they seem unique to me.

I know the Elysia stuff looks expensive, but it’s almost all stereo, so the cost per channel is actually really good, especially considering the quality.

I have two of the ten space Purple racks, as far as I can tell, there’s no difference in module performance between those and our API and Lindell cases. I wouldn’t fret too much about the different cases, just look at features/price ratio. Something like the Heritage case that also doubles as a summing mixer is maybe a better buy if you want those extra features