3rd Wave from Groove Synthesis -- Both Keyboard & Desktop

The filter arrangement is interesting… SSI LP followed by a SEM multimode. I’m guessing the SEM will be 2 pole and I wonder if the LP is too? Or are we talking 6 pole series fatness?

This is what the Groove Synthesis web-site says.

Analog Low-pass Filter

  • Dave Rossum designed, classic, 2140 low-pass resonant filter
  • 24 db per octave slope
  • variable saturation amount
  • optional resonance compensation

State-Variable Filter

  • 12 db per octave slope
  • Continuously variable between low-pass, notch, and high-pass, operation with optional band-pass mode

The SEM filter is digital but they seem quite proud of it so it is probably really good, I learned from one of the interviews that they were behind pretty much all the DSP from the DSI/sequential stuff. Pro 2 and Prophet 12 being his biggest pet project with them from the sounds of it. Seems like quite a few things are carried over from the P12/Pro2 like the VA oscs and how the FM works but also it seems like in general it is just the modern sequential workflow which is great. @circuitghost you might be interested in this.

I certainly look forwards to trying it out, they are actually pretty near by so maybe they will decide to have a little show room like sequential has. Covid has sort of complicated all that though. From the demos it doesn’t quite capture my heart like the M has with its grit but that doesn’t change that it sounds amazing too.


Whooo now. Thanks for sharing. I’m now officially interested. Appreciate it :pray:

I havent heard one single sound i like coming from it. Weird because the PPG is great.

Latest message for pre-orders: “We will ship ASAP, but at latest August 15th.”

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I haven’t been keeping up on demos of this or have any cash to splash but last night I had this weird dream in which the 3rd Wave was mentioned. Something about how it could synthesize the sound of the sun. Maybe I should sell all my synths to buy one.


any insider info on what’s happening with it?

From my understanding they are still working the firmware on it before finalizing and shipping out, supposedly a couple more weeks I guess.

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Some of the demos sound fantastic. Would be totally wasted on me but I’m looking forward to hearing what other people do with it :grin:

Here’s a fifty minute video with the designers, which includes an extended discussion of the synth’s design, and gives some sound examples as demonstration of that design. I’ve queued this video to the core description, which runs a jam packed seven and a half minutes. Don’t be distracted while listening to the description. The sound examples follow this.

At around forty four minutes in there is discussion of future development. I had expected it would all be about future stuff for the 3rd Wave, but oh no, it’s whole new machines and products for Groove Synthesis, most with digital front end and analog filters, but the future could involve modeling and machine learning, it could involve sampling, or maybe a drum machine sort of thing. These guys are hard-boiled, and the real deal with synth design.

There are several things that are to be added and improved with this synth too.


He’s my idea of what a cool old school LA dude is like and I like his shirt.

I’m putting down some money on the december batch coming up soon. Sounds beautiful.

Jeremy Blake did a video on the 3rd Wave.

I queued the video toward the end where he makes several custom wavetables with this synth. The first couple are more or less throw away, and yet the synth makes interesting “wavetable samples” out of them.

If you are interested roll the video back, there is a historical perspective of this synth early in the video, and then a more in depth look at this synth, and some demos.


A nine minute performance with the 3rd Wave combined with analog synths. Matt Johnson is performing.

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The sounds in these two reviews have me seriously considering this synth, would have to sell a bunch of gear which the 3rd wave would confidently replace I think;


I sold off quite a bit to purchase it (deckards dream and ~500hp of eurorack), and I think a number of folks are making similar moves. It’s already been said, but the third wave is hugely versatile, massive sounding, and a breeze to work with.

I like the simplified and sped up workflow from having fewer synths to focus more deeply on.

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Yeah, would like to focus on just one as well and really learn it well. I have lots of gear I don’t switch on or haven’t learnt very deeply.

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New update OS 1.5.

Big change is adding MPE support !

You can read the release notes for the rest at Groove Synthesis web-site.

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