260 Digitone Presets - From Dusk Till Dawn

Hi Everyone,

As some of you know I’ve been working on a Digitone preset pack for some time now and it’s finally finished :). It contains 260 sounds that are aimed at techno minded styles, dark ambient, soundscapes, but also contains plenty of presets for deeper music. I’m a sucker for dub, so you’ll find plenty of sounds that will work well with dub style chords. But, as you can hear from the demo, harder/industrial sounds are aplenty.

Get it here: Digitone Preset Pack - From Dusk Till Dawn — Dave Mech

The sounds were made in part while creating my live performances over the past few years. Additionally I’ve had sound design sessions where I focused on creating a lot of kicks, hi hats, pads etc. I really took the time to explore the extremes of Digitone while keeping it effective for music and sound design. So you’ll find sounds in the pack that are like little soundscapes and ambiences by themselves. So a lot of sounds I already use in my liveset but the majority I will be using in the future. So you’ll have sounds that I still need to use in my own music :slight_smile:

Anyway, if anyone got the pack, I’m very curious to know what you think of it. Or if you have any questions, let me know.



Nice, presets from the master! Thanks for these, looking forward to giving them a go. ;D

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I bought them earlier, just need some time to load them up and looking forward to trying them out.


In our Definitive List for the Digitone as well. Enjoy guys it’s an awesome pack




Insta buy!


next time i get paid i’m going to pick these up :slight_smile: sound fantastic

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Great ! Thanks for the support. Curious to hear what you create with them :slight_smile:

@Goseba @William_WiLD @DefSteph @BoutiqueCase @raspberryhead

Thanks for the support!
Would love to hear your creations with the sounds. Feel free to share in this topic :slight_smile:


Hey Dave !
Have you thought of doing sound packs for the analog series (if you still have them) ?
I will definitely going to buy this one to feed my digitone !
Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Loved the movie Dust til Dawn. My fav Quintin Tarantino flick.
Also looking forward to checking this out Dave. Been spending most of my musical time trying to get my head around programing the DN. Can’t wait to reverse engineer your stuff. Thanx

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Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

Yes definitely will create packs for analog four during 2022!

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Yeah great movie :slight_smile:

Great to hear man. Thanks for the support and enjoy the presets !

Legend. These presets are super fun - one jam in and I’m really liking how they’ve transformed the pallet of my Dn. It’s nice sometimes to just drive in to good quality sounds as starting points with the digitone and enjoy the sequencer.


Awesome , great to hear. Would love to hear what you’re coming up with and how you use the sounds. Feel free to share here. :slight_smile:

Hio @DaveMech I got around to recording a jam of the project i put together using all the dusk till dawn sounds for the most part. I love them. they just sit so well together as a set.

some of the pattern changes in my recording are a bit rough, but as starting points for tracks to add other gear around, Ive found the purchase of this soundset has made my DTN my go to piece of gear for starting ideas.


That’s so nice to hear! Thanks for sharing this :blush: especially love the one around 21.30 minute mark. Really cool

Nice grooves as well! Groovy and Industrial vibe :slight_smile:

Again thanks for sharing and really nice to hear you like the sound pack as a whole.