1010music Blackbox

Has anyone tried the Bitbox and Toolbox Euro rack modules from 1010 Music?

These two combined come in at over double the cost of the Blackbox and offer a lot less functionality - to start with : song mode.

Still kind of tempted.

Check the PSU.
At first mine had an annoying flickering screen, and soon found I had a 500mA PSU supplied with the Blackbox. As usual, suppliers swap out for country specific.
I contacted 1010 and they specified a 2A PSU, which I got and stopped the flickering screen immediately.
I’m guessing, if the wrong PSU can cause screen noise, it can cause noise anywhere in the Blackbox.

Adding. My Blackbox is as quiet as the samples I put in. I’m really impressed at the sound quality.


Both of those modules were earlier releases than the Blackbox. Might be worth looking at the two new Bitboxes instead.

The bitbox has the same functionality as the blackbox, it’s the Toolbox that lacks the song mode really and only works as a single instance of clips/samples that can either be turned on or off manually on the screen, not by saving song presets like the BB.

I don’t think bitbox got the granular synthesis mode or multisample, did it? I haven’t kept up with its firmware updates since I got my blackbox so I might be out of date.

The original bitbox has a different firmware and is not quite as powerful as the blackbox.

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I’ve done this from time to time. It works. But it’s painful.

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Assign the sample to a sequence. Slice that sequence down to the point where it’d cut your loop at the seventh bar. Make sure it’s a Clip sample, and that it’s set to Toggle, not Trigger or Gate. And this will work.

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Yes seems that navigation on grid could be a little better, x,y scrolling with the encoders would help here, currently you can lengthen or move a note with 2 of the encoders, so the other 2 are spare…

Wait no cracks? Oh?! This is fantastic news. I can now create monster sounds on the OT and have all the fun. I’ll give it a go I guess…

Seems I had to keep reading and that I should wait for 1.6.

Either way this is extremely exciting

I was having fun with multisamples until the cracks got too big. Excited about this one too :slight_smile:

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Seems to vary somewhat in results. I used a piano sample and could push it pretty hard before it cracked. Then, I had a go at a Moog Model D bass sample, and got that one to crack pretty bad.

Not sure why there was a difference, but there certainly was.

It’s waaay better than before, though.

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Yep, it’s painful. But once you get used to it, it’s also very powerful :slight_smile:

Good work… sounds great!
I now have the Blooper, Mood and BB, so I assume all I need is the Disaster Area/Chase Bliss MIDIbox to sync them up?

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Thanks :blush: no idea, never synced them, just used them free form :blush:

I had my Blackbox synced to a Blooper using the Chase Bliss midi box with no issues. However, I was using the Model: Samples as the master clock - hadn’t tried with the Blackbox as a master. My chain was Model: Samples -> Model: Cycles -> Blooper (+ other Chase Bliss pedals incl. Mood but wasn’t using MIDI sync) -> Blackbox (the Chase Bliss midi box has MIDI Thru).

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ok, thx. Either way, nice track…

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Thanks for that info… much appreciated. I`ll snag a CB midibox and give it a whirl…

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Hey guys, a little question for blackbox users if you don’t mind.

How is it for live looping/and mangling ala Octatrack ?
I red somewhere that next firmware will allow for auto/multisampling a synth and making it a sort of instrument ( mpc style) is that correct ?
I red that everything is quantized at the moment , is it planned to add microtiming at some point ?

Thanks a lot.

New BB user so can’t really comment on anything but the auto multisampling.

It’s available in the latest beta FW (1.5.J) and allows you to automatically sample a software/hardware instrument to up to 64 samples for a single pad and 80 samples in total for all 16 pads. Which means if you use 64 on single pad you do not have many left.

If this limitation will be altered in future fw i do not know.

What’s excites me about this feature is the automation, it’s amazing to have the BB automatically trigger the note range you choose and the steps, as well as the length, release, velocity etc. It also stamps the root note into the wav files so once it’s done you now have a instrument loaded on you’r pad.

This makes the BB very versatile imho.