1010music Blackbox

Yeah, it’s not great in terms of interface. But in time, you get the hang of it. Zooming and panning are both your friends, in this context.

This is true, and I appreciate the kind and encouraging words. There’s only so much time, though :slight_smile:

Anyway, here’s the piece, I made a video as well:


I have found that live recording sequences with the key grid has had a nice effect. Especially with different BPMs, the quantization can have a nice surprise snap effect.

I don’t use the screen much. I’ve had great success doing it this way. However if you are used to sequencing by hand I totally feel that it can be frustrating

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It finally arrived although I haven’t figured out how to send midi from it to the Blackbox yet since they are both USB hosts. I’ll experiment this weekend and post a video as soon I have something.

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Very cool. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it.

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Just got a similar tip from the Lollop tutorial. I’ll real-time recording from a Keystep, with quantise set to the whole bar.
I was hoping to keep things minimal, just the Blackbox on it’s own. Ha! GAS :unamused:

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I am able to get good results with the built in grid but I can see the need for external controllers. Hopefully you find a useful workflow!

Yeh. I was wondering what you meant by the snapping quantise. It works perfectly.
But my finger tips are just crap with these conductive screens. It’s always hit and miss.

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Yea it can take a few attempts sometimes. Still easier than using a mouse for me so I’m happy with the little blackbox haha

Asking my question again - anyone here using a Launchpad Pro mk3 with their BB? I’m seeming to have weird things happening with my BB trying to control it with the LPPmk3

I used it for a few weeks. Didn’t much like it, you lose some of what I like about going for the Blackbox’s own sequencer. Launching of clips and loops were the most problematic, as I recall, and don’t even get me started on using external sequencer with song mode and stuff.

I have forfeited the quest of sequencing the Blackbox externally, though I am looking at what @mbillz is doing to get a grid + norns setup, to create ideas, loops, clips of stuff to go into the Blackbox. Essentially, replacing my Prophet12 + Keystep setup, which is where I do my groundwork first and then move to Blackbox for sampling and resampling with pedals.

I’ve got a Squid coming soon. Going to use it with my synths and might get a BB again so I can get some vocal samples and drums into my squid patterns…we will see. Could be a fun duo!

Edit: Well, ordered another Blackbox…will see how this all works.

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As I am only a quest, finding the correct Sampler for my needs, and BB is high on that list because of multiple outputs… Your external Synch problems were mainly due to DIN Midi and with that triggered/notesOn/Off that cam too late and were queued due to that, right?

As I will mainly use it as Drummachine and am able to sequence it via MIDI, do you think that problems will affect me too?

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Hey, well, the problem was more USB-related than DIN-related, I learned later. And the clock worked fine on its own, it was as you say when you launched clips and loops externally, that it got real ugly, real fast.

If you sequence the Blackbox externally, triggering one shots and similar, it’ll work just fine. However, I wouldn’t say it’s a promised land, because the Blackbox sequencer is actually quite powerful, but very specific and slightly fiddly to use. But its architecture lends itself to some unusual and powerful ways to create complex sequences, so apart from the fact that I ran into technical issues, I also didn’t really find a sequencer that matched the Blackbox in features on what I wanted to do.

The Elektrons come close, but not close enough.

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Is it possible to use the black box as a guitar looper?
I know it has stuff like midi learn, So can you hook up a Midi foot switch and configure it to record in a specific track?

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Anyone ever succeeded in syncing the BB to the iPad? I especially really would like to sync the start/stop, but all there seems to be are workarounds. Even bought Audiobus 3, but that didn’t work either. Any smart solutions available? I connect the ipad and BB via a cck and a Roland UM-One.

You can use clips that are set to auto play. Ricky Tinez has a video of it with his Modular gear

I use an iConnectivy mio 1x1 but I just use it to sequence soft synths. So others might have better feedback

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Yeah, sequencing is all fine, but I really would find it cool too use apps who have their own sequencer. But I found nothing that can sync for example Drambo to the BB clock and transport. The other way around would also be okay, for me its mainly a question of syncing the ipad with hardware like the BB.