Zoom LiveTrak Digital Mixer & Recorders (L-8, L-12, L-20)

This seems interesting:

Anybody else think this might fit an application for them? At $600 it seems affordable, but for me it’s still a solution seeking a problem.

ADDED: I broadened out the title to include other Zoom mixers, as people are posting them to this thread anyways.


I wish this did more than 4 tracks out via USB. Would rather go Soundcraft or Presonus. Still some cool features though.


Here’s a video with details on features:

More impressed with this the more i look. So many different ways this can be used.

Just save $900 more and get a Qu Pac :smiley:


I thought it was cool until I realized there are no sends or inserts. Still saving up that extra $900.

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Gaz Williams pointed out on Sonic Talk 501 (36:50) that you can use the stereo Out A as effect send and then use one of the stereo inputs as a return. (Unfortunately there are only two stereo channels and they double as computer USB return channels.) They also discussed whether it might be possible to use one of the five headphone mixes for a send – i’m not sure how well that would work?

There are also the 16 built-in effects (page 95 of manual).

Still think this looks like an interesting product, depending on how good it actually sounds. It definitely can do a lot for $600.

Added: Also discussed in Sonic Talk 501 (toward the end) is the iOS Kymatica AUM mixer with a XR-18 or even potentially with the L-12. Sounds like a great combination.

Page 31 of the manual explains how it’s possible to get 5 different aux sends. It’s kinda too bad you have to use the faders to set the levels for each channel in those different send mixes - plenty of modal interface issues with this approach. I’ll be finding this out for myself later this week when mine arrives … I expect that it’ll make me miss my SoundCraft 12MTK (had to sell during a big move) less and will tick all the boxes I considered getting a QuPac for.

Yeah, I was pretty bummed by this. Shame as its an excellent mixer feature wise in every other area.

Am still weighing up the pros/cons between the L-12 and a USB Behringer/Soundcraft combined with a Tascam/Zoom recorder (with balanced inputs).

  • Pros: multitrack recording, small footprint, single piece of kit
  • Cons: pricier, no dedicated FX sends, only tweak a single input at once

Still a decent amount of features for the £$€…

really like mine. only issues are cheap feeling plastic parts (but on the other hand this + its compact size allows for easy carrying), very easily clipped inputs (absolutely need to attenuate modular signals before going in), and the mildly frustrating UX for aux sends and pan and eq per channel.

however, it’s awesome for multitrack recording - I’m capturing a lot more material from jams now that I don’t have to involve my computer at all - and I realized the other day that the 5 aux sends are all stereo, so you can actually set this up to be 10 mono sends with insert cables :smiley:

Nice… How does the low end/bass sound in your recordings? I have a low tech Zoom recorder (H2N) with a line in, and the bass basically gets wiped out in recordings.

I haven’t noticed any loss of low end frequencies in my recordings ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Excellent, thanks!

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Just saw that Zoom brings out a bigger model, called L-20. It has 20 channels (16 mono plus 2x2 sterio).
Perfect for those who wants to work DAWles.


Are you sure about this? All my VCAs have a gain knob, that in fact are attenuattors, and I have zero problems to go from them to an MAudio NRV10 mixer or my RME FF400 soundcard. My VCAs are a Doepfer A132-3 dual VCA and a Happy Nerding 3xVCA.
I am thinking in buying a Zoom L12 to record my modular jams, and this detail is important.

sounds like you’re all good with those VCAs then

Have you tried to create a send fx bus for external FX units? I’m tempted to buy the big version (L20), the only thing that hold’s me back, is the lack of a real Aux send/return connections.
Is it easy to set up a recording session? Would you recommend it?

You can set up the headphone outputs as auxes, and each of them is stereo (or dual mono if you pan two channels), so even the L12 has a lot of aux sends. For returns just use spare input channels.

I would also say that recording is easy to set up.


Thank you very much, exactly what i was hoping for!
Can’t wait to get one :slight_smile:

Hey Kari –

So for more channels than the L-12. Yes the Zoom LiveTrak L-20 $1000. But compare also with two other similar products. It’s nice to have mixers like this that are also fairly wide audio interfaces.

The Tascam Model 24 $1000

The Presonus StudioLive AR22 USB $700

I’d pick the Tascam out of this list, but i’d have to look more carefully before i made a guess with real money.

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oh, that Tascam looks sweet. the look and the specs are on point.

i think i need it

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