Zoom H5 live input octatrack

Anyone have experience with hooking a zoom H5 recorder to an octatrack for live looping/recording?

I saw it come by in a youtube video.
I can manage the octatrack settings, but anyone know what to choose/select in the zoom for this live monitoring kind of setup?

I haven’t done it, but shouldn’t you just be able to patch the line out straight to the Octatrack in? I don’t think there are any special settings, but the manual should cover them. There are instructions in there for hooking it up to the line in of a camera, the only difference is the cable you’d need.

The H5 can work as a microphone with integrated amplifier: simply connect the stereo line out (3.5 mm TRS) to your inputs, select the built-in microphones, adjust your signal level and you’re done.
There’s no need to hit record, the line out outputs whatever is going through the H5’s mixer.

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wow that easy, awesome!