ZOIA Euroburo!

This thing looks awesome


Wow! I just bought the stompbox version and normally I’d be bummed that I didn’t get the “newer” version but I’m not. I don’t have any Eurorack stuff right now but when I do, this will be up on the list.
Best part! This means more cool modules and development in general as I assume they are going to share the same basic OS.
Very cool!


I’ve been debating the pedal but that looks more like it.

Not really what I expected (or better wanted => more inputs and some controls), but nevertheless great.

I’m also not in the eurorack corner (yet?), but since it can also be nicely packaged up in its own small standalone case I see quite some use cases here (i.e. for the control inputs of the A4).

A separate headphone jack is also a “plus” in my book.

Btw: This reminds me heavily how the PreenFM2 eurorack version can be packaged up in its own small standalone case.


This looks awesome. Modular modular makes so much sense. I’d guess given what it is it will be around the same price. It’s one of those products that just makes sense! Somehow i managed to wait – but i think my time is up.


Good idea. I’ve got a Hydrasynth Keys, and an Elektron AK – this fits well with both.

THIS … :grin:


Seems amazing look forward to demos

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To revive an outdated adjective: sick!

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optional powered case is very cool for those not already in the Eurocrack rabbit hole

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That’s called a gateway drug. Nancy Reagan warned me about them.


nice can’t wait

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I bought the stompbox last week and today arrived, i sent it back right away because it is more useful for me in eurorack format, plus it takes less space in my place


As opposed unmodular modular? :wink:

I’m being flippant, but whether or not modular “makes sense” depends on the individual, their goals and priorities. Plenty of folks with comparatively little knowledge of modular plunge in, spend obscene amounts, then get frustrated about how unproductive their endevours are.

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…if i’d be into the modular planet…a clear must heve…


Yeah modular modulars – stuff patchable both inside and out. Other examples are the Roland AIRA modules: the Bitrazer, Demora, Scooper & Torcido and stuff like the Expert Sleepers Disting. The Euroburo is just an extreme example with its depth and power, and the resources available inside.

You can have a larger Eurorack system in a smaller package, which is a good way to hold down your costs – so you’re not spending “obscene amounts”. (As you can see i don’t subscribe to the Eurorack is just a rabbit-hole myth, we can decide.)

Plus you get some consistency with a portion of your patch electronically stored. And there’s also improved speed changing patches once you get a good familiarity with your gear and the internal patches you’ve created.

Going into the off-topic weeds:

I have a Hydrasynth with the CV interface – with all the CV connections mapable though the deep mod-matrix on the HS. This also fits with a modular modular approach.

Another method are the virtual Eurorack systems like VCV Rack and Softube combined with good CV interface hardware, as for instance various things from Expert Sleepers. This is fine if you have a good small portable computer to host this on.


I see what you mean now. Still, without wanting to sound pedantic, I’d say “Modular with digital storage and / or pre-patched connections” is a little clearer than “modular modular” :slight_smile:

LA Cuckoo is very different from the Oslo Cuckoo.

See Skypainter, Cuckoo says it too:
A modular in the modular. It makes sense. It’s full circle. Love. <= from the comments on the video.

As Mitch from Empress Effects says sounding pedantic, I use it as “a reverb/delay and also as a CV modulate everything craziness kind of glitch thing.”

Pretty cool to wrap up all that in one modular modular.

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Since I’m going OT + 7U modular, I love that this thing has midi in! Looks like this is going to be first module I preorder.


I wonder when this will see the light of day.

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