Your setups


Yup Zaor Miza desk and a Zaor griprack


no cables?


Ofcourse there are cables … but I keep it tidy :innocent:


This is my live setup, on which I improvise ambient and soundscapes (have a listen here). The keyboards and NanoKontrol go into a USB hub and from there into an iConnect MIDI interface, from where the signals from the leftmost keyboard and NanoKontrol go to the Octatrack, whereas the middle and right keyboards control the 200e. Octatrack is used for live looping and sampling.


Can you map the nano control parameters yourself to set them up to control the octatrack? Does it offer enough hands on compared to the novation launch control xl? Nice gear btw, eurorack is interesting but a looks a little overwhelming to me. Then again I thought that of the octatrack until I dove in.


Bought a keyboard stand and put my mended DX7 onto it, then I put a midi cable from it into the Octatrack as the master keyboard. So happy!


@VDB: Thanks – yes, each of the nanoKontrol’s controls can be mapped to any MIDI controller you like via a little editor app. Never looked the Novation Launch Control XL though, as it is way too large for what I need:
(a) I just need 16 controls (not more) to have hands-on control of the Octatrack’s Master and Cue levels (OT Cue configuration is set to Studio Mode). I do not use the nanoKontrol’s push buttons.
(b) The controller had to be roughly the same size as the Akai LPK25 keyboard (and the same weight), so that I can mount them all together.

The trouble with modular synths is not their complexity IMHO (as long as you start small & slow), but that they generate GAS more quickly & addicitve than anything else.


Nothing compares to the raw signal a modular rig can produce but the options are overwhelming and the price can quickly get out of control. My good friend just scored a few mutable instruments modules and he did a performance for me. I was blown away by the tones and flexibility. I’m just not ready to go down that road.


I started a year and a half with modular.
This is the mother of synthesis.
It’s an endless adventure, so much fun and never the same.


I’d been shying away from buying & building a dedicated work desk… I cant believe i waited this long. This is my synth setup… Les Paul, Yamaha and amps are in the living room!

Behind the headphones is iConnectMidi4+ … which by the way doesn’t work in Mac Sierra yet :no_mouth:

I use Apollo Quad UAD and you can see the macbook pro on a stand on the right…


Love it, but where’s you keyboard?


Its a slide out drawer under the table - the model of table if anyone is interested is StudioRTA. See pic below:


I’ve owned two of these desks. Great price for a lot of rack and gear space condensed into a small(ish) area. I removed the keyboard shelf and stuck another set of 5-space rack rails in that space.


Few months ago I finished my Drone Station for even more sound exploration besides my “big” modular system.
With ten VCO’s there is enough to FM.
Wild things may happen :imp:




You like it?


Doepfer would like it :grin:


They send me a xmas card every year :sunglasses:


Hellz yea!!!