Your setups


battery powered setup gives me with A4 4 hours fun - AH and OT go up to appr. 8 hours :smiley:
(AR is not in use for the moment)

A4 into CD
AH via CUE out into AB


Nice! What battery pack are you using for this setup?

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battery packs - plural :slight_smile:

for Elektron boxes:

for Zoom H6:

the DC 2.5mm to 2.1mm cables:

here a detailed look with specialiced velcro fastener (hope this word is correct) :smiley:


Brutal but better to find out and move on then treading water. Keep the head up and take care of you so you can take care of your daughter. Best of luck my friend.


I have that same case and mounted a piece of ply in top part, but like your install of OT, etc much better.

I have veer’d toward a flat case for a battery power setup, but what to do with the 10 over 6 case :hmm:

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My Setup right now.
Digitone goes into TR8-S Ext. in for Sidechaining,
TR8S out goes into AH.

The small eurorack-case: Micro sequencer by Pittsburgh, triggered by the TR8S Trigger out.
It sends CV and Gate to The SE Tonestar8106, i also have a Warps, a dplr delay and a 2hp Verb in there.

I’m super Happy with this setup. Don’t need anything else :slight_smile:


Temple Boards FTW!
I’ve got my trinity mounted on one right now!


Brill! What size? Are you going to use it with a hard case?

I think it’s the “trio?” Its a big one anyway…
Couldnt afford the hardcase at the time, but I don’t travel much, so I’m not worried yet.

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This looks super versatile and ‘hands on’.

I’m super Happy with this setup. Don’t need anything else

Cool. Time for a bigger case then :wink:

Dope… my rig is being built on the 21" version of that.

I don’t wanna get too deep into eurorack right now, it’s fun and sounds incredible but it’s top expensive for me right now.

Next step for that Setup might be e mixer with a good EQ, and a nice reverb pedal to make my drum mix better :wink:

I’ll throw in my current setup. It changes every few days but I try to stay away from the computer even though I could get everything set up and orderly where it doesn’t move. I’m finding that just a few pieces of gear at a time are best for me to focus on.


Sad :(…

All the Best for you both!



What is that stand that the drum is resting on?

That is awesome, so neat!

I realised I have far too many synths and very little time to use them due to looking after our twin 18 month old boys full time.
After deciding what to keep and what to sell I have come up with this.

Expect a list of gear coming up for sale very soon!

You can see what I have in my previous posts in this thread.