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Gosh! That needs some explaining ! Super cool !!!

Right - well this is definitely a work in progress.

After adding this photo I rearranged the top section. When it is complete I might post a video about it for those interested. All the cabling and power conditioner are inside the housing

I have an extra 1U space btw on top free (after moving the Octatrack up further) so needs to be low profile - even a nice big VU meter could give a nice reference. I just want to avoid knobs getting in the way… I am interested in 1U suggestions…


Roto 10x6?

yes that’s it!

Very nice! And nice price too!

so here is my current setup. I am currently working in another city, so I only took DT and DN to keep it small.

The Launch Control XL and the MPK mini are connected to an USB Hub, wich goes into Mode Machines Cerebel USB to midi converter.
Each of the left 4 faders and the nobs above controlling DT and the right 4 faders and knobs are controlling the DN.

I totaly forgot that there is a midi editor for the MPK mini as well downloadable so this device is configured only as my controller of the autochannel of the DN and DT. It has a build in arpeggiator that i use sometimes for my DT many users are missing inside the DT so this is a good and cheap alternative i guess!


Dude that is seriously tight!

All of this is gone.


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I know that too well… Are you looking to upgrade on gear?

No. I have nothing left. I found out my wife was having an affair, I left her and asked for a divorce. I needed to set up a new home for my daughter and me so all of the gear had to go to help fund it all (and to cover legal costs).


Damn man, that sucks…


Oh wow, that’s rough… Really sorry to hear about that. Hopefully things go well with you and your daughter.


Thanks so much to everyone for interest in this project- its kind of a leap of faith
In September we are expecting our second boy, and the previous man-cave is now becoming a boy-cave. Consequently I need an extremely portable and easy-to-set-up rig

Octatrack - mixer, stereo sample playback/backing tracks, fx and live remixing. Drum Stems.
Rytm - bass (primarily) using SCWs and dual VCO tracks
Virus - leads and pads
OT sequences the virus

OT Tracks 1-4 stereo stems incl drums, fx, pads and leads sampled from my other hardware (digitone, AH, A4) etc
OT midi sequences the virus
Track 5 is reverb (virus) return - sent from each track using cue output
Track 6 is audio input from rytm and virus output 2 (feeds into rytm for compressor)
Track 7 is for live resampling
Track 8 master (filter and bitcrush)
Final stage is the xpressor - I used as a bus compressor and limiter (using the “fast” function) [plus adds some analog warmth

Inside the box is a powerboard and power conditioner. I have USB cables coming out the side so I can use Overbridge at home. I am still setting up the desk and will post more photos soon!


Sending good vibes your way man. Hope you and your daughter are doing well.


That’s a good call man!

Sorry to hear of your troubles, but don’t worry you’ll be up and running is synthland again in no time! :sunglasses:

You could go all Behringer in not so distant future because they seem to be cloning everything and their mothers… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Congrats on the incoming addition to the family! I wish I had the time / forethought / guts to put a box like that together when our second was due. It’s a great idea, the ultra-portability will pay off, big time. I’ve managed to pare down my setup to just a few boxes, which has allowed me to be productive in the short windows of time I get to jam out, but that box is next level! Do you have any sound examples of it in action?

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that’s awesome.

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Nice touch with the xpressor. This set up may be compact but exudes quality.

Any info or pics on fitting it together would be much appreciated . As a family
man myself I’m drawn to this re mobile set up. My satellite studio gets the most use now lol (MacBook air , headphones Ableton Live ) …

ok I will see what I can do…

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