Your setups

Scorn is so good. Right there with with you @Synj00.

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Well like with every sample-based synthesizer you can shape the sound and the style you like out of it.

Working on some music that will be out in October! Might post a video before that. :slight_smile:

Where did you buy these cool colorful knobs? Love it!

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They’re from
They end up being pretty expensive if you are not in the US - some of them are available from places in Europe tho

Aren’t those ikea tablet stands perfect for the mkiis…

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arrr… I’m from Germany… buuut they don’t list knobs for digitakt on their site… which one did you take?

Yeah they are. they give it a bit more angle to see better

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They’re “large encoders” for “other” - I think if I had been able to see them first I might have gone for extra large though - and worth mentioning they don’t extend right down to the panel of the Digitakt as the originals do (maybe the extra large would… Not sure)

This is the EU stockist

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There’s DJTechTools ChromaCaps too. if in Europe.

Simple but effective for my workflow: Digitakt x 0-Coast x Keystep x Dirty Electronics Mute 4.0 synth (used for weird sounds to chop in digitakt) x Scarlett 6i6 x Ableton 10 x pair of Genelec 8010 a x Sony MDR-V6 Digital headphones


Is that a custom made stand for the keystep ? It’s pretty neat !

Yeah! Go check out Synths & Wood!

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Well, I was too slow, please hit me up if you make more. :slight_smile:

I don’t make them, that company does, but if you’re interested I would contact them anyways. I’m sure they can do a special order.

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Hi, super interested in your modular setup you have there. I’m heading into the modular, but it’s deep. What modules do you have? What ones are your favourite and provide the most utility? I’m leaning towards effects as I feel I have a lot of oscillators with my A4 Rytm and MD. All sample mangled in my OT. But maybe a sound source would be cool…

Apologies, I’m totally fine with you sending me to Muffwigglers. Just your system looks right in line with some ideas I’ve had.

I’ve started researching, and it seems like I’ll be researching for some time yet!!! Part of the fun. :-/


Hi there! Thank you for your interest :slight_smile:. I actually started off with the Mother 32 then bought a small rackbrute case that provides the basic components of a synthesizer. Osc=Braids, Warps=which can act as another Osc, but also a sound mangler. Batumi and Maths are the main modulation sources. And also WMD Filter and ADSR. A lot of flexibility all within a single row case, M32, and Korg-SQ 1 sequencer. Although I’m not familiar with modular effects, if you’re looking for a good sound source for your Analog 4, then I’d recommend buy a case and a Mutable Braids or Plaits. Hope that helps :smiley:

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Thanks! I will add those to my list to research.

Think I’m definitely going with a rectifier and a wave folder… annnnd that’s as far as I’ve got. Haha, so much going on with modular. Really hard to wrap my brain around. But I’ve subscribed to the few podcasts I could find. And some YouTubes. The life forms sv-1 seems interesting, but not really effects…

Love your setup, looks like a ton of fun!